Chef Jonathan’s Healthy Food: Tuna

After an extremely busy holiday season, R and D at the office today. New tuna dish in the works with chickpea dolmas, warm salad of roasted eggplant, shishito pepper, red watercress. Everything bagel spice mix and pomegranate gel. Garnish of mustard cress.

Tuna Dish

About Chef Jonathan Viau

Hailing from our nation’s capital, this chef found his love for cooking at a young age in the kitchens of his mother and grandmother.

Cooking being paramount, Jonathan also brings an artist’s eye to his cookery. Having spent a great deal of his life with an education focused on art and design. Jonathan tries to find a bridge between home style heart and modern design elements when producing his plates.

Cooking with love is a mantra he holds dear. He is enjoying his station with one of Toronto’s finest seafood spots, Pure Spirits and Oyster House.

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