New Cooking Academy Offers Special Programs in Raw Foods & Vegan Cuisine

As more people look to eat healthy food there’s an ever increasing focus on heart healthy plant based wonders of raw food and vegan cooking.

Chef and Founder Mark Reinfeld
Chef and Founder Mark Reinfeld

Mark Reinfeld, chef extraordinaire and best-selling author of numerous Vegan cookbooks, including the recent 30 Minute Vegan series, hascreated a new Vegan Fusion Culinary Academy which offers a variety of classes in the cooking of vegan and raw food cuisine.

“Our goal is to teach and train people on plant-based cuisine and provide them with tools for living an inspired life,” said Reinfeld. “We are certifying teachers and working with them to set up vegan cuisine teaching centers worldwide. Many describe the experience as life-changing.”

The Vegan Fusion Academy, located in Miami, Florida, offers a variety of courses, including one- and two-day introductory classes; five- and ten- day immersion culinary courses, three-day advanced teacher trainings; and three-month chef certification programs.  CME credits are available for doctors, nurses, and medical students.  The Academy also offers Vegan Fusion Chef Certification and job placement services and career development support. They have partnered with Lynn Kitchen of The Cafe of Dreams to add lifestyle and business coaching programs to the culinary curriculum.

Live Pine Nut Macadamia Ricotta Veggie Towers
Live Pine Nut Macadamia Ricotta Veggie Towers

The curriculum is a combination of classroom teaching combined with hands on culinary experience with plant based foods in the kitchen. The courses teach all about the numerous health and environmental benefits of a plant-based diet and help people learn, experience, and achieve greater levels of creativity and confidence in the kitchen.”

“Learning how to cook amazing raw, natural foods and tasty Vegan recipes isn’t hard,” says Reinfeld. “We synergize the elements of health, taste and presentation into culinary masterpieces that cannot be compared”.

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