Book Review: Temenos Touch

Temenos Touch is a fascinating treatise born out of the life experiences of its author Evelyn M. Brodie. In it, she explores and explains her understanding of the how and where physical, mental and spiritual healing methods work and intersect. As a Shamanic healer, she is convinced that using all these three methods together as a integrated approach can get to the root causes of injury and provide ultimate healing.

Temenos Touch

Many may think that Shaman spiritual work is bunk. That is because they believe the scientific dogma that if you can’t measure it – it doesn’t exist. Yet there is ample examples were that is not true. In a classic sense, the concept of a global world rather than a flat world is one. Once proper instruments were developed – then it was accepted.

Another interest scientific belief is that you need to ‘understand’ something to believe it. No one has seen an electron – yet we make extensive use of electricity. In fact, an electron is a theoretical concept that we use effectively.

From this premise, I submit that spiritual healing or as Ms Brodie says, non-local healing, is in this realm. Something we don’t quite understand yet we can use. Ms Brodie herself contends that her thoughts on non-local healing techniques are evolving and developing based on her experiences and exchanges with other such healers. We are still in the discovery stage of this field.

In Temenos Touch, three types of Eras of healing methodologies are described:

Era I – believes all forms of therapy are physical and the body is regarded as mechanistically performing its functions. This encompasses modern Western medical technology. Mind is associated as a function of the brain.

Era II – describes mind-to-body approaches. What you think/believe affects your health. Yoga incorporates this type of approach. The mind is still seen as mostly a physical function that is tightly connected to and affects the body.

Era III – primarily sees the mind as unconfined by either space or time. Our non-local mind is networked in a field of minds acting as receiver and transmitter of signals. As such, between people healing can occur at a higher level and deal with the true nature of the (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual) injury.

I must explain what Tenemos means at this point. It is described as a protected physical and emotional space in which the transforming work of healing takes place through learning and teaching. A Shaman works in such an environment to promote healing.

I really enjoyed the various scientific constructs used by Ms Brodie to explain how this may work. We need to begin postulations to start understanding how it works… and we need to start by what we think we know and expand from there. I applaud her efforts. Her healing cases are intriguing to read as evidence of non-local healing.

In the recent past, as a scientist, I would have discounted this Era III approach. As I have experienced my own healing crisis with being diagnosed with kidney, bladder and prostate cancers, and read volumes on healing, my tune is different. I received treatment from Isabella Stoloff a Shaman in California while on the phone with her in Ottawa. My conclusion is that we need an integrated, whole view approach to healing where all Eras modalities must be explored. Temenos Touch is worth reading to expand our view as to how all three Eras may fit and intersect in the healing spectrum.

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