Book Review: The Ketogenic Diet

This diet will make you lose weight. The extremely low carb approach will kick you body into ketosis which burns your fat. Staying in the ketogenic ‘zone’ is showing promise as additional therapy for other ailments. After reaching your weight loss goal, the ketogenic diet is easy to switch back to for periods when you are creeping back up.


Have you ever noticed that any diet book seems to start its diet with a strict food plan that seems meager.  The reason is to not only change your eating habits, but also to move your body into the ketogenic ‘zone’- called this because your body switches its metabolism and produces chemicals in a class called ketones. Kristen Mancinelli, the author of “The Ketogenic Diet” points to the scientific evidence that having your metabolism in this zone will make you lose weight. A few years ago I lost 50 pounds by doing so.

The diet is fairly simple. You consume less than 50g of carbs/sugars per day (equivalent of two apples). You eat protein in moderate amounts, increase the fats you ingest and pretty well avoid fruit. This is the major adjustment most people will need to make. We have been taught that eating fats is bad. You need to change that in this diet – you like fat.

Unlike the paleo eating lifestyle, there is no restriction on what kind of protein or fats. Paleo diets are typically higher in carbs, don’t allow dairy products, grains and legumes.

The ketogenic is meant to be sustained for 3-4 weeks at a time. It is a true diet targeting weight loss as opposed to a paleo diet which is a lifestyle choice. It can be sustained for longer periods if you remain healthy.

There are a few elements for success outlined in the book:

  • You’ll need to learn how to look for and count carbs/sugars
  • You need to cook unprocessed foods
  • Drink lots of water
  • You may need to supplement with potassium and magnesium
  • You can measure the ketones in your urine to ensure you remain in the ‘zone’

One of the more interesting chapters in the book explores how a ketogenic body state can improve some ailments. In particular, I found it fascinating that ketone production may inhibit tumor growth. This is part of a new theory about cancer that it is a metabolic disease rather than a genetic one. Giving tumors glucose (sugars) gives them food to grow. Reducing glucose promotes healthier cellular mitochondria which inhibits tumor-genesis.

This book is a great resource for those seeking a healthy, fast weight loss approach.


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