Book Review: A Different Kind of Safari by Helen C. Hipp

A story about a pink hippo. I didn’t know they existed. Are pink hippos really different – only if you think they are. This is a heartwarming book that illustrates how self-awareness and courage are needed to recognize your own uniqueness and special capabilities.

Pink Hippo

When I read this extraordinary book by Helen C. Hipp, I never realized that there were such things as pink hippos. They really do exist. Amazingly, hippos are the only mammals who produce pink milk! How’s that for changing your perspective.

Changing your perspective of what this book teaches children. To see the value of seeing things as they appear compared to how they really are. Ms Hipp presents the issue of being different in a way that children (and adults) can relate to and understand. This is accomplished by promoting self-awareness and courage in the story of a young boy named Raymond.

The story takes place along the Mara River in Africa where Raymond journeys with a pink hippo named Rosie and a crocodile called TLC, Tender Loving Crocodile. Using the river voyage as a metaphor to a deep inner understanding, Raymond discovers that life has a way of offering opportunities to express your true self.

The book is an inspiration to children and a call to parents and children to celebrate their uniqueness, taking pride in their special capabilities.

I enjoyed the large production format with different fonts and colorful illustrations. What is more touching is that this book was inspired by a really safari led by the author’s father to the Mara River with her 14 year old special needs son.

Safari is a Swahili word meaning “long journey”. I recommend this book to introduce all children to their safari of life and discovering their talents. My six month old niece is about to get a book gift.


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