Love is Chinese Food

I love her. Pretty simple. Our love is demonstrated by the big things we do for each other. Tenderness is from the little things we do for each other… like Chinese Food.

Chinese Food

We’ve had quite the married life journey together. Thirty five years ago as university students we fell in love. We married and immediately had three kids – all of whom are now grown adults and exploring their own lives. Raising three children was certainly both the biggest challenge and biggest reward of our time together.

Now as empty nesters, we are exploring our relationship as a couple. It is a wonderful surprise to find that we still like and love each other so much. I never tire of being with her.

Life’s big challenges are better faced with a compassionate partner. A few years ago Sweetheart develop fibromyalgia that crippled her. At the beginning all she could do was move from the bed to the couch and back to bed. With a holistic approach, she is now able to even shovel snow and then participate in a pole fitness class. A huge improvement.

Recently, I was diagnosed with kidney, bladder and prostate cancers. The shock of this news was a big challenge. It is her steadfast support that has seen me through this. Sometimes all we could do was cry and hug each other – sharing our fears.

From all the over 900 wedding vows that I’ve witnessed as an officiant, vows full of love and hope, I believe that “in sickness and in health” really stands out.

For all this big challenges, it is the small gestures that we do for each other that are most tender.

One day, I came home from work exhausted. Sweetheart obviously saw that I was in no state to cook dinner. She looked at me with her fabulous kind eyes and softly said, “Let’s order Chinese Food.” That really touched me. It is one of those ways that I know she loves me.

It has been said before and it is worth emphasizing that it is the little things in marriage that are the big things. Having your favorite Chinese Food restaurant’s phone number handy is one of those.

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