Book Review: The Complete Fibromyalgia Health, Diet Guide and Cookbook

If you have been recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia, The Complete Fibromylagia Health, Diet Guide and Cookbook should be your first resource to absorb. It takes a holistic view of the condition and offers a way of approaching it that will kick-start your journey in managing it.


My wife was finally diagnosed with fibromyalgia after a long process of elimination. She has gone from only being able to go from our bed to the couch and back to being an active woman. Not the same as once she once was – but with a new paradigm on living within her energy means. It has been a difficult journey that could have been shortened if we had this book to read when we embarked on it.

The Complete Fibromylagia Health, Diet Guide and Cookbook encompasses everything we have learned about this condition. It is persistent, never ending and requires discipline and vigilance. Someone with this must learn to live a new life with new restrictions – diet, effort output, sleep and exercise – a holistic approach that can offer some relief and progress towards a meaningful life.

Drs McCrindle and Bested present the key to improving life with fibromyalgia as SEEDS; Sleep, Environment, Exercise, Diet, and Support. Truisms we discovered. You can’t just depend on the drugs for relief – you need a new outlook on lifestyle to manage this ‘syndrome’. In my wife’s case, the exploration of the right balance of these elements had led her from an invalid to one who can enjoy a whole afternoon with her horse. A dramatic turn-around from her painful beginnings.

There is no doubt about how much influence diet has on the severity of the condition. The book dedicates about 1/3 of its contents to rehabilitating you in how to eat a low-inflammation diet. This is really important because you are what you absorb. Eat crap and you are crap! Beware – you may need to learn how to cook. And it is well worth it.

If you are facing the frustrating diagnosis of fibromyaliga, I recommend this book as a primer on how to start changing your lifestyle so that you can live once again.

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