Book Review: The Rockstar Remedy by Dr Gabrielle Francis

When we think of rock stars – we imagine life on the road – going from gig to gig – performing and playing hard. You wonder how they can keep up this demanding lifestyle and stay healthy. The truth that The Rockstar Remedy unveils is that they can’t. Many learn to improve their quality of life and health to keep doing what they love to do. The other truth is that you can’t keep up your similarly demanding lifestyle and stay healthy either. Dr Gabrielle Francis outlines the philosophy that can keep you going.


When I was in high school in the 1970’s, I pondered how the different rock stars would fair as they aged. This was the era of psychedelic drugs and counter-culture partying. Some have died tragically  early. Others like Mick Jagger keep on ticking through marathon concerts because they have found out that the rigors of performing require a healthy philosophy.

In everyday life, you witness people pushing themselves on work deadlines – rushing to get to their kids to spirit them to some evening activity – day in – day out. Truly, they are exhausting themselves on a scale equal to the rock star schedule.

This is where The Rockstar Remedy can help you. Dr Francis applies what she has learned works with rock stars and outlines how you can work towards a healthier life. She recognizes that we are all unique and that how you change will be specific to your circumstances. You can gather new ideas from this book in igniting the possibility of changing; one small shift at a time.

Dr Francis says that “no matter where you currently are on the spectrum of health, there are five key areas of transformation…that will help you shift into the healthy zone.” Throughout, I like that she promotes the 90/10 rule; 90% of the time pursuing a healthy regime so that 10% of the time you can indulge.

Stage 1 – Detox in letting go of the things that don’t serve you physically, mentally or emotionally – based on your lifestyle.

Stage 2 – Food is the fuel for your performance and how you can indulge in balance.

Stage 3 – Body exercise improves beauty, performance and longevity.

Stage 4 – Mind and Spirit – how your thoughts, beliefs, emotions and environment impact every cell in your body and make a difference in who you become

Stage 5 – Socialize and enjoy life without harming your health

I enjoyed the listing of harm reduction strategies that you can employ if you get off track. The compilation of alternative remedies for common ailments is instructive.

I recommend this book for its holistic approach to a hectic life. It recognizes that most of us live a frenetic life that is equal to a rock star. The remedies are not prescriptive because one size does not fit all – we all live our own lives. It yields insightful advice to changes that you can choose to implement to start and continue a journey towards a healthier life and longevity.

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