Book Review: PALEO Cleanse by Camilla Carboni & Melissa Van Dover

The start of a new year is when many of us look to changing to a healthier lifestyle. PALEO Cleanse outlines a fabulous easy to follow guide to help you make the switch. It has great tips and recipes for a successful change in five weeks.


The indulgences of December are behind us. We are left with realizing that perhaps not just a few pounds need to be shed – but that a new healthier lifestyle is required. Ms Carboni and Van Dover emphasize that a paleo diet (or it’s variants like Primal) is a way to reconnect to how humans may have originally eaten. Along with potential weight loss, you may experience a reduction of bothersome ailments.

Health benefits may follow as a result of following a Paleo diet because you are eating foods that we are made to digest. It is more than the saying “We are what we eat.” As Dr Wallach states “We are what we absorb.”

I really like the approach taken by PALEO Cleanse for many reasons.

Cleanse: To successfully switch to a paleo diet, you need to clear out all the gunk from your old diet. That is why the book advocates an adherence to the strict definition of paleo for the first month. It also gets you into the mindset from the start.

Measure: There is a chart where you can write down your current health status and then check back at the end of the cleanse to see how you have progressed.

No Calorie Restriction: As mentioned this is not a weight loss diet where you lose weight by restricting your calorie or food intake. You lose weight because you are eating proper foods. Some have no limits on how much you eat.

Easy Recipes: CAUTION you will need to cook. However, the recipes are easy to follow and yummy. Who would refuse a diet that shows you how to make beef jerky!

Great Tips: There are some great tips to surviving the switch. For example, one pitfall of falling off the diet is when you go to a restaurant. There are suggestions on what to order to stay on the diet. Another is snacking – there are awesome recipes for bars to make in bulk so that you can have them readily available.

After 28 days on the fixed recipe plan, PALEO Cleanse invites you to be creative for your last two days. I love that because it allows you to work your own recipe plan and anchor that you have mastered the transition.

After your 30 day cleanse, you can incorporate some of the food you used to love but had to stay away from. My craving was for pizza. There is a nice recipe for that in the book as well as brownies and chicken wings.

I highly recommend PALEO Cleanse for those who want a simple straight forward way of converting to the paleo lifestyle.

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