Product Review: Scrumptious SoLo GI Energy Bars

It is a matter of survival. Having an energy bar readily available is a must with my busy lifestyle. But finding a yummy gluten-free bar is a challenge. No more – I love these SoLo GI Energy Bars.

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I have a full time day job, teach yoga, perform weddings and am active in a musical theatre company. I have a go go go lifestyle… always doing something. I travel around the city to accomplish all these things. As someone who is gluten intolerant, I need to plan my meals. I just can’t rely on “just picking something up”. Coffee shops with their baked goods are no good for me… ditto to hamburger and pizza places. That is why I always carry two energy bars with me.

A good tasting energy bar is a challenge to find. Many taste like refined sugars or processed chalk. Or the other end of the spectrum is I feel like I am eating raw seeds and nuts. I already carry nuts, seeds and dried fruit – so those are no fun.

I was happy to receive a box of SoLo GI Energy Bars that covered all their flavors: Peanut Power, Chocolate Charger, Lemon Lift, Dark Chocolate Mandarin and Pineapple Coconut. They are all scrumptious. Every one was a treat to eat. What a pleasant surprise to actually enjoy the flavor of an energy bar.. I felt like I was cheating.

SoLo GI is a gluten-free energy bar certified by the Canadian Celiac Association and scientifically validated by the inventors of the Glycemic Index (GI) as being LOW with GI values at 23-30.  These Low GI energy bars are 200 calories with 10-13g Protein and 3-4 g of Fibre.  SoLo Bars are Kosher and do not contain any additives, artificial flavours, artificial preservatives, artificial sweeteners, sugar alcohols, high fructose corn syrup, GMO-Soy proteins, trans fats or hydrogenated oils.  You can read the label without having a chemistry degree like me.

SoLo GI was developed to provide a healthy snack alternative that takes into consideration the blood sugar impact as well as nutritional content to promote optimal health and performance. Due to numerous benefits of living a low GI lifestyle, SoLo Bar is targeted to athletes and energy seekers (from busy professionals to parents and families on-the-go), those looking for healthy blood sugar management alternatives and those looking for healthy lifestyle alternatives for diet and weight loss.

Everyone I gave a piece of bar to loved them. I loved every bite as well. I am sold on SoLo GI Bars.

They are available in leading grocery, pharmacy and natural health food stores across the country including Rexall Drugs and Loblaws.  To buy online or find a retailer, visit

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