Book Review: Stupidparty by Patrick M. Andendall

America’s democracy is threaten by the destructive forces forces of the Republican Party aka Stupid Party. This is the premise for the book Stupidparty. Andendall demystifies the words and actions of the Republican Party that proves they are destroying the greatness of America. Those who just voted the Republicans into office need to read this before the next election!


After reading the book Stupidparty, I was not stunned to read the Republican agenda after the mid-term elections. They were right on-track with what Mr Andendall describes. The book systematically examines the rise of the political landscape that has led the Republicans to their current intellectual wasteland. He examines the statistics that bare the truth to their policies on health care, jobs, environment, religion and the economy.  Mr Andendall states that as a Republican, he wants to help save the party by laying out the facts versus the gobbledygook of political talk.

Let’s take a deeper look at the subject of health care. Already the Republicans are wanting to attack President Obama’s Affordable Care Act. It seems they have abandoned trying to repeal it. Instead they want to amend it so less people are covered by increasing the number of hours a week is required for employers to provide insurance to their employees. In other words they want less people covered by health care.

Stupidparty has many alarming statistical facts. It shows that they United States ranks 46th in health care among countries – right alongside Iran and Serbia. America spends more in health care as %GDP than any other country – 50% more than Canada for example. The cost of medical care in the U.S. is so high that 62% of personal bankruptcies are caused by medical costs. About 50 million Americans, most in the poorest states, are without health coverage . States that are represented by Republicans! It begs the question about whom the Republicans serve – the American people or saving corporations’ profitable bottom line (money and government influence is another chapter).

When taken together the facts show that “the more influence the Republican Party presently has on wealth, health, education, safety, values, and happiness of any specific region in the country, the worse off the inhabitants are in all those aspects. These same policies are also causing dramatic negative trends in the USA relative to other countries around the world.”

Mr Andendall calls upon the 33% of the Republican Party voters – those who have critical rational minds – to reform the Stupidparty to change their strategy. He wants them to stop supporting the “company of bigots” who are destroying the American Dream because they are stuck on their beliefs (myths) versus acting on evidence and facts before them. Stupidparty is worth the deep dive into statistics so you can decide for yourself what is math vs myth.



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