The Best Father’s Day Gift

Father’s Day gifts always seem a little awkward. They seem to fall into four T categories; Ties, Tools, Technology and Treats.

You can tell that Father’s Day is a bit awkward. The ads for what to give good ol’Dad show it. Do I really want or need a pizza cutter that is also a motorcycle model? I love the clothing ads for Father’s Day that have young men who are not Dads. You can always count of the restaurant deals to take Dad out for dinner.

pickled eggs
pickled eggs (Photo credit: David Lee King)

When my kids were young they seemed to give me gifts that fell into four categories: Ties, Tools, Technology and Treats.

Ties: Luckily, I had a job that required that I wear a tie. A new snazzy tie was therefore always welcome. I made sure that I dutifully wore it the next business day, proudly strutting around the house emphasizing how much I liked it. If you are a Dad that doesn’t wear a tie for work… wear it anyways. This goes for any piece of clothing that the kids give you for Father’s Day

Tools: I was in tool acquisition mode for a number of years. Father’s Day tools are awesome – unlike appliances for Mother’s Day. You need to make sure that your spouse knows what brand of power tool you like. That way when shopping with the kids, a great choice can be made for you.

Technology: This is where gifts for Dad rein supreme. You can never go wrong giving Dad the latest from an electronic retail store. If the kids chose right, like a video game, then they will reap the benefits of enjoying it too.

Treats: Getting food and beverage are always appreciated. You can never go wrong with bringing Dad his favorite junk food 0r going to his favorite burger joint. In my case, I told the kids that I’d like a six pack of draught beer with a jar of pickled eggs – and let me lounge in the backyard enjoying them in peace. This became a standard gift for a few years. The kids had fun trying to find the perfect pickled eggs to give me.

In today’s social media environment it is easier than ever to shop for Dad. You can seek unique ideas for Dad on Pinterest‘s Father’s Day board. You can also check out what other people are pinning For Dad too. Dad can pin exactly which power tool he wants when he creates his wishlist.

This year, I had an early gift when visiting my adult kids in Toronto. We met for a two hour lunch. They updated me on how they are progressing in their careers and lives. Each of them is happy pursuing their passions. Maybe I can add a fifth gift for Father’s Day and perhaps it is the best of all; the gift of their Time.

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