What to do with left-over Thanksgiving squash.

After a large Thanksgiving feast there always seems to be leftovers. Among the left-over turkey in the fridge there may be some cooked squash as well – what can you do with that?

You’ve pushed back from the table satisfied with another year’s Thanksgiving feast. The clean-up has started and the plastic containers are flying out of the cupboards to store the left-overs. Yep – you know what to do with the turkey – sandwiches and soups. Pumpkin pie will be gone in no time. But what do you do with the left-over cooked squash? How about a frittata.

The basic ingredients are:

Put the onion, garlic, squash into a medium-hot pan with butter to create a mash. Cook until onion is soft and squash is browned.

Pour in the eggs and make sure they spread evenly. Add the cheeses on top. Cook until egg is firm and cheese is melting.

Put in oven on broil. Make sure your pan can take this heat. Cook until cheese melts and is browned. Serve and enjoy.

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