Add Non-Conventional Paintings to Spice Up Your Decor

If you are like most people, you might have some paintings or prints on your walls as part of your decorations. They are probably safe scenes of landscapes or wildlife. Pushing your decor in wall hangings will spice up your home and make it yours.

Like most people, I started decorating my walls with prints of pretty landscapes or flowers. They were soft scenes to please the eye. They were not meant to be points of focus or discussion. They were there to be ‘nice’.

My tastes have become very eclectic in art over the years. Mostly because I’ve visited lots of art fairs and galleries with my Sweetheart. With that exposure and education, gone are prints – we only have original paintings, sculptures and crafts. They are from local artists so we know from whom we bought them.

The richness of the art significantly adds to the impression of our decoration.

We started with the addition of landscapes from a Guelph artist who had lovely broad brushstrokes in her landscapes.

We added abstract multi-media pieces from one of Sweetheart’s cousins. The small painting beside it is also from the same Guelph artist.

We decided to have a family portrait commissioned. However, rather than being a real portrait, each of us chose a type of flower to be represented on the painting. It is a wonderful flower tapestry of our family; peona, wild rose, yellow tulip, woodland violet and morning glory.

You can get quite whimsical as well. How about this cow that greets you in the main floor powder room!

Then Sweetheart really challenged me. And I guess art is supposed to challenge your senses a bit. She brought in some nudes. At first I was not comfortable with them – especially the male one. But now I see them as a chance to reflect on my own humanity.

When I scan the rooms in our home, I see lots of art. I love it. It is vibrant and alive. Their colors and emotional impressions make for a home that is … ours.

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