Quick Rosemary Home Fries for Breakfast

I love home fries for breakfast. Here’s how I make them quickly before heading out.

A good breakfast is essential to get going for the day. It gives you the energy to take on the world. But we always feel rushed to get going. A great breakfast has the energy and nutrients you need for your day’s challenge.

I start my home fries with yellow mini-potatoes that are pre-washed. After puncturing them, I throw them into the microwave to cook. It doesn’t take long with these small guys. Cooking the potatoes before-hand while preparing the rest of the ingredients is really the secret of making this a quick recipe.

While the potatoes are in the microwave cooking, cut up Vidalia onions and fresh rosemary sprigs. Get a pan with a half mix of olive oil and butter heating up. When the potatoes are done, cut them up in quarters.

Throw the potatoes and onions in together at medium-high heat and let them cook.

When the potatoes have started to brown, add the cut up freshly picked rosemary.

Keep stirring the mix until they are a nice roasted color. Add salt to taste.

While they are cooling is when I make a quick scrambled eggs and voila breakfast!


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