The Empty Nest Macaroni & Cheese Dinner

One of our staple and most beloved dinners when we had growing kids was a macaroni and cheese dinner. We never bought the packaged stuff because it didn’t taste as good as our homemade one. The kids would love it. So would Sweetheart and I because we could make lots of it, inexpensively and was nutritious.  When you are a single income family with three growing kids – those are important considerations.

We are empty nesters now. We find that we need to downsize our recipes. We can also upscale them. Macaroni and Cheese is no exception.

We were just back from enjoying playing with our horses when Sweetheart suggested we make Mac & Cheese. After sweating at the barn, it sounded like the perfect meal.

I pulled out the corn pasta (I eat gluten-free) looked questioningly at Sweetheart  asking if we had enough. We don’t have the kids here remember she responded. Oh yeah – no need for huge quantities anymore. When it comes to staple recipes, I always need reminding that we are not feeding an army. Downsize the recipe to a couple of cups of pasta.

The upside is that we can use better ingredients. For this recipe, we used 5 year old cheddar and smoked salmon with additions of peas and green onion with a touch of nutmeg. We finished it off in one seating. It filled our tummies just fine thank you.

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