Sheltered garden can let you grow plants from outside your hardiness zone


I have a small yard. My backyard is 20 ft by 20 ft. Yet I am able to grow some astonishing plants because of how I’ve arranged them around the garden.

Firstly, I fenced the yard to create a micro-climate. It keeps the heat in so that it simulates a growing zone that is higher than outside the fence. By keeping the plants close to the house, it increases that growing zone again.

Take a look at my tomatillo plant that reaches up 6ft. I am going to have an abundant crop so as to make salsa!

I also have lime, lemon and fig plants that do well. All three are recommended to grow in Zone 8. We live in Zone    5. Of course, I bring them indoors for the winter. But it is wonderful to see them grow.


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