Paper Book Publishers are pushing me to Digital Readers

There’s nothing like spending a quiet evening engrossed in a new fiction novel. I find myself considering an eReader of some sort because paper books and distribution are not as convenient.

I don’t know when it happened. It used to be I’d buy a paperback book, slip it in my pocket and be ready. If I had a little time I could conveniently slip it out and read while I was, for example, waiting in the doctor’s office.

Now I find paperback books are soon to be obsolete in my life.

HUGE. When did the books get so thick? Now it seems that every book is a 400 page brick with larger font. I know we are all aging … but is it really necessary? Have the stories become more intricate? Not really. This is a marketing thing. Seems like since the arrival of the Harry Potter series, everything must be huge.

Consider my latest purchase Tom Clancy‘s “Locked On“. It is over 5 cm thick and weighs over 1000 grams!  Now there is no discrete way to carry the book and it is a workout. Holding it while reading will give your biceps a challenge.  An eReader is a much better form factor. It is easy to carry and light weighing only 175 grams.

Availability of Titles. My wife got an eReader. Immediately she was able to download a novel for which she had been searching. It was the third in a series and she could not find it anywhere. But there it was, accessible on the title list. I looked through the list too and instantly identified many titles and authors for which I’d been searching.

Pricing. Aside from the initial purchase price of the eReader, most titles seem to be at about the same price as the paper version. Considering the two issues above, I am fine with that. Some titles are less expensive in electronic format versus paper.

All things considered, the days of the paper book seem limited. The paperback was introduced as a less expensive option to the hard cover book, making books more accessible. Now it seems the eBook is the new accessible option.

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