Life Horizons explores our current and potential future scenarios for existence. Exploration can stem from our own inner search for living a full happy and healthy life. We can also seek to discover ways and methods for a sustainable global ecology guiding us to a thriving and awakened civilization.

Our explorations will come from various fields of study such as psychology, yoga, science, religion, and technology. The progression of our human existence is built on a vast amount of study that all contribute to better physical, mental, social, and spiritual outcomes for all of us.

In my mind, the fundamental principles underlying our progress must be based on solid inner values and supportive external behaviours.  It is clear that our current anthrocentric view has put our existence at risk. A more awakened perspective is necessary.

This blog’s intent is to inspire people to:

  • Connect with themselves, family, friends, community, and the world
  • Learn, blossom, and expand their horizons
  • Give abundantly to the rest of the world
  • Change the world in a sustainable way

In order to have a deeper love and respect towards other people, creatures, and Nature, there are five underlying principles of belief towards the external world that are needed:

  • Reverence, awe, wonder of our interdependent web of existence and a feeling of unity with Nature and the connection to the Divine.
  • Respect and active care for the all humans and other living beings.
  • Celebration of our lives in our bodies on this beautiful earth as a joy and a privilege.
  • Realism – acceptance that the external world exists independently of human consciousness or perception.
  • The inherent worth and dignity of every person that is shown through social justice, equity and compassion in human relations.

The United Nations developed the 17 Sustainable Development Goals in an attempt to frame the big issues that challenge us externally. These can be grouped into 5 themes:

  1. Basic Needs
  2. Empowerment
  3. Climate Change
  4. Natural Capital
  5. Governance

There is lots of opportunity for everyone to contribute to these goals either as individuals or groups and communities. By blending the Inner Values and External Behaviours, we can all begin a better journey towards happier lives and a connection with Nature and the Divine.

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