5 Reasons Bed Frames Affect Your Sleep Health

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Suffering from lack of sleep is no laughing matter. Without a proper night’s rest, you won’t feel refreshed and ready for action in the morning. You can wake up feeling depressed and irritable. Part of the reason may be the metal frame on your bed. Here are 5 reasons bed frames can affect the quality of your sleep.

1. Metal Bed Frames Can Cause Lack of Sleep

One of the most crucial reasons to buy an adjustable bed frame is to get a much better quality of sleep. The fact of the matter is that metal bed frames aren’t the best for this purpose. Do you know the main reason why bed frames are made of metal in the first place? It’s largely due to the fact that, in the old days, they were considered a cost-effective solution.

Luckily, those old days are now long in the past. A whole new variety of bed frame styles, from bamboo to wicker, are now available. These frames are far more adjustable to fit your personal style of sleeping. They are also a lot less cumbersome and expensive. For this reason, you should ditch your metal frame.

2. The Wrong Bed Frame Can Cause Headaches

When it comes to sleeping, you want to do it right. You don’t want to wake up with any nasty side effects. For example, you don’t want to wake up with a severe headache. This is the kind of aftermath that no one would willingly sign up for. Yet, for all too many, it’s a common thing.

Much of the blame can be laid down on sleeping on the wrong kind of bed frame. This is all too often the case with people who inherit a metal bed frame from a friend or family member. You may even buy a new one thinking that you are saving money. But it’s a much better idea to choose a less rigid frame to sleep on.

3. The Wrong Bed Frame Can Cause Muscle Pain

There are plenty of negative side effects that can arise as a result of using the wrong type of bed frame. If you suffer from backaches or muscle spasms, a metal bed frame is the exact wrong choice. What you really need is a bed frame that will give your back and neck areas support in a much more flexible manner.

You may wish to combine a lighter bed frame, such as one made of bamboo, with a memory foam mattress. This will give you the option of sleeping on a much lighter bed frame. It will also let you sleep on a mattress that will mold itself to your body contours. This may be the change you need to avoid pain.

4. Bad Bed Frames Can Lead to Nightmares

One of the most disturbing side effects that can come from choosing the wrong bed frame is the recurrence of bad dreams. Recent studies have shown that a bad frame can literally cause nightmares. These terrible dreams can come about as a result of your body reacting to being pushed and pulled by an unfriendly frame.

5. Your Bed Frame Can Make You Ill

Perhaps the final thing to consider is whether you want to wake up in a worse mood than when you went to bed. No one wants to wake up feeling as if they may as well have stayed up all night.

If you are feeling moody, depressed, cranky, or physically ill, it may well be the result of a less than the comfy bed frame. Your best bet in a case like this is to ditch that frame. It may make the difference between you getting a good work rating or the sack.

It’s Time to Make a Momentous Switch

If you are tired of spending a sleepless night on a rigid, unyielding bed frame, now is the time to do something about it. Your best bet will be to do a search on the web for a new type of frame. The sheer variety of models on the market may be a revelation. You can make a choice to ditch your metal migraine frame.            

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