5 Tech Options to Optimize Medical Billing

Photo by Cedric Fauntleroy

Medical billing is tedious, especially if you do not have the right tools. Minor inefficiencies in the system can lead to miscommunications and delays that put the medical practice into problems. These inefficiencies can also result in problems in the future for you and your customers. The best medical billing system is fast and comprehensive, allowing you to charge the patients and their insurance companies the right amount. Here are the top five.


This option presents a simple interface so that even entry-level medics will find it easy to use. The main advantage of this system is that it adapts to the changes in the medical industry, especially changes in policies. They offer cloud-based solutions for smaller medical practices, allowing them to manage their financial health.

This tech offers medical billing and scheduling features, reports and analysis, resource scheduling, patient portal, claim scrubbing, e-prescribing, negotiation, and credentialing assistance. You can access all these features on your mobile device. They offer training so that you can get started with ease.

Speedy Claims

Speedy Claims is another option with a relatively simple interface. It shows the claim form on the screen, so medics only need to fill the form and submit it electronically where needed or print it. Its error-checking feature ensures that your form is free of any mistakes so that your CMS-1500 is never denied. There is a cloud version and a desktop version for you to choose from.

To save you time, this CMS 1500 software learns and stores the minor details of your practice. This way, it saves you time when filling out claims. You will enjoy unlimited customer support whenever you need it when using this solution. The software allows you to create new claims in seconds when you get a repeat patient. All patient data is stored in the system so that you can re-use it when needed. Through the system, you can access the latest NUCC and Medicare manuals so that you know how to fill out your claim forms.


DrChrono is an advanced cloud-based medical billing software. It offers patient management features, allowing anyone in medical practice to access patient data. It is accessible on a PC or through a smartphone. With it, a medical practice is able to manage the intake, care, billing, and charting of patients.

The intake nurses will start by entering the patient vitals into their system. The doctor will leave notes on the patient visits. Further, the doctor can prescribe controlled substances through the available e-Prescribing feature for controlled substances and order lab tests from any of the more than 45,000 labs in the U.S. The medics can use their smartphones to upload photographs and other needed records for easy access. Further, the system pre-populates the billing codes for easy billing.

Kareo Billing

Kareo Billing is patient management and medical billing system. It is a cloud-based option with several automatic features. It makes the billing process easier in such a way that when you enter the patient data, it processes the billing codes and processes insurance very fast.

The system offers a comprehensive patient management system, so you never have to get a separate system. It allows you to collect and store patient data and set appointment reminders. This way, you will reduce the rate of no-shows and the practitioner will always have their schedule in a manageable condition.

Besides billing, you will enjoy the business management features. You will access billing analytics, agenda planner, and document management. This system is ICD-10 compliant.


CureMD is an all-in-one medical practice system for large practices. It offers billing, health record management, and a patient portal. Patients can log in and see billing details and health records. The system is cloud-based and works on a subscription basis. To make it easier for practices to get started, the system offers side hosting, practitioners training, and security services so that practices will make the most of their systems.

The system integrates with several pharmacies and labs so that doctors can order tests and drugs for their patients. This way, a patient can choose to have their tests or get drugs from the facility closest to their home. There is an iPad app for this system, allowing practitioners to intake patients and make appointments.

There are several other tech options. Be sure to pick an option that caters to the size of practice you lead.

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