Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy

Every mother-to-be has only one goal—to get a healthy baby into this world. So, in order to make your dream a reality, you need to take good care of yourself during your pregnancy and to provide your little baby with the optimal environment to grow, develop and have a safe birth. However, oftentimes, that’s easier said than done, because there are so many things to keep an eye on. Luckily, the internet is here to help with its many amazing tips. Here’s a little guide that will help you have a healthy and safe pregnancy.

Watch out for your nutrition

You know what they say: “Mom, you’re eating for two now!” Pregnancy is definitely not the right time to cut calories or try any fad diets. In reality, it’s just the opposite, because you need around 300 more calories, especially as your pregnancy progresses and your baby grows. If you’re skinny, very active or expecting twins or multiples, you’ll need even more extra calories during your pregnancy. However, overweight mothers might be advised to control their appetite and ensure a safe birth. You and your baby will be the safest if you eat a balanced diet that consists of lean meats, plenty of veggies and fruits, whole-grain products and low-fat dairy.

Take your supplements

In pregnancy, taking plenty of folic acid and calcium should be your priority—other necessary vitamins and minerals you can easily get from foods. Spinach, broccoli, beans and oranges have plenty of folic acid, while milk and yogurt are rich in calcium. But, a daily supplement can ensure you get just the right amount. Before starting any supplementation, make sure to consult with your doctor and decide on the best prenatal vitamins for you.

Top up your glass

A woman’s blood supply increases in pregnancy, so you need to boost your fluid intake, especially water. Plenty of water can help you prevent various common pregnancy issues like constipation and dehydration, so make sure to always have a bottle of water at hand no matter where you go.

See your specialists regularly

Every pregnant woman needs to have regular prenatal exams from her healthcare professional. Mothers who skip these exams are more likely to have kids with low birth weight and even some health issues later in life. Additionally, don’t just concentrate on your prenatal care! Make sure all your health issues are under control so your pregnancy doesn’t cause you any pain.

Get your exercise

Most experts recommend at least 150 minutes of weekly exercise for expecting mothers. Exercise during pregnancy is very beneficial for many conditions. It can prevent excess weight gain, reduce back pain, swelling and constipation, improve sleep, boost energy and mood, prepare your body for labor and shorten your recovery time. Your best choice is low-impact activities like swimming and walking, but you can also benefit from pregnancy yoga or Pilates.

Get some sleep

Getting enough sleep during pregnancy is very important. You will not only feel more tired than usual but also find it harder to get a full night’s sleep due to your belly getting in the way. If you struggle with finding a good sleeping position, you might want to try this: lie on your side and bend your knees. This is the most comfortable position for pregnant women and it also allows your heart to catch a break and remove your baby’s weight from large blood vessels. This position is also beneficial for hemorrhoids, leg swelling and varicose veins.

Avoid alcohol and tobacco

Of course, you know this, but it’s so important that we have to mention it again. Alcohol consumption during pregnancy and breastfeeding will increase the right of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder which can cause abnormal facial features, learning disabilities and behavioral issues. Smoking is also very bad for your unborn child. Tobacco use can increase the risk of sudden infant death syndrome, premature birth, miscarriage and other unwanted outcomes.

If you just follow these aforementioned tips, especially when it comes to your doctor’s appointments, you’ll have a healthy and smooth pregnancy. This way, your pregnant days can really be the happiest days of your life!

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