Different Types of Cosmetic Plastic Surgery to Consider

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Although the reasons for getting plastic surgery vary, cosmetic plastic surgery doesn’t have the same stigma that it once had. Today, plastic surgery is more popular than ever, and patients can use it to correct, enhance, or improve almost any part of their body. Continue reading to discover different types of cosmetic plastic surgery to consider and the recovery time for various surgeries.

Cosmetic plastic surgery is surgery done to change something about your appearance. It can contour, shape, smooth, and remove different body parts. Cosmetic plastic surgery can be invasive or noninvasive. Cosmetic plastic surgery is typically done in a surgical center or a plastic surgeon office. Finding a doctor that you trust is essential. Cosmetic plastic surgeries are rarely covered by health insurance, so patients mostly pay out of pocket for cosmetic plastic surgery. Some common types of cosmetic plastic surgery are:

Chin, Cheek, or Jaw Reshaping

As the name implies, these cosmetic plastic surgeries are to change the shape of the chin, cheek, or jaw area. It enhances the face, makes areas more proportional, or reduces sagging due to aging or weight loss. It is also used to remove facial birth defects or the results of an injury. Chin, cheek, or jaw reshaping is done under local anesthesia at a surgical center or in a plastic surgeon’s office. In addition to the bone being removed. When doctors remove bone, they also contour the area to perfectly align it. There is the downtime of about one week, maybe some swelling, and maybe pain involved during recovery.

Breast Augmentation or Enlargement

Also known as a boob job, breast augmentation is a surgery that involves transferring fat from other areas of the body or installing implants into a woman’s breast. This procedure is intended to enlarge a woman’s breast area. This surgery is an outpatient surgery done at a hospital or surgical center. The patient is put under general anesthesia to be pain-free during the procedure. The most common method of doing breast augmentation is three ways:

  1. An implant is placed through an incision under the patient’s arm.
  2. The surgeon makes an incision around the edge of the patient’s areola and places the implant through the incision.
  3. Saline implants may be inserted through a cut near the belly button and the endoscope is then used to move it to the breast area.

Patients who want excellent results should look for the best plastic surgery in Miami or your particular locale. There is a recovery time of about four to six weeks and will be sent home with instructions and pain medication.

Eyelid Lift

Since no one wants sagging eyelids, blepharoplasty has become a popular option. It is a surgery where doctors can remove the appearance of upper and lower eyelids. Candidates for this surgery usually:

  1. Have loose and sagging skin that folds on the upper eyelid – it can impair vision.
  2. Have fatty deposits that look like puffiness in the eyelids.
  3. Have large bags under their eyes.
  4. Have droopy lower eyelids that show the whites of their eyes.
  5. Have excess skin and wrinkles on the lower eyelid.

Removing the excess skin can make individuals look younger and correct vision. Therefore, this is a cosmetic surgery that insurance may cover, depending on how impaired the patient is. There is downtime of about a week and maybe mild pain during recovery.


Liposuction is a type of cosmetic surgery where doctors use suction machinery and a technique to remove fat from specific areas of the body. It is typically done on the stomach, hips, arms, legs, and butt areas. In addition to liposuction, this surgery is also known as body contouring. Candidates of liposuction are people who:

  1. Have firm or elastic skin.
  2. Have lost a lot of weight and have pockets of excess fat in certain areas.
  3. Have realistic expectations of their body after the procedure.
  4. Are physically and psychologically stable.
  5. Are normal or only slightly overweight.

Patients who have liposuction are off work for up to a week and told not to resume physical activities for three to five weeks. There may be swelling and some patients don’t recognize the change in their body for three to six months.


As you have read above, there are various reasons for having cosmetic plastic surgery. Although there are more, a few of the most popular to consider are above. Check into them if you are considering a surgical enhancement.

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