Top 4 Natural Supplements for Male Body Builders

Men can use several natural supplements to build muscles. You can find them in different online and brick-and-mortar stores. It is essential to do enough research before settling on any of them because many may not provide the results you need. This article will give you the best natural supplements you need for muscle building. Please read on to find out.

1. Whey Protein Powder

Whey protein powder is a choice for most male bodybuilders because of the many benefits it offers their bodies. It contains amino acids that help in the stimulation of protein synthesis. Amino acid is digested in the body fast and easily. That means that it helps the body during the start of the muscle-building procedure. It then provides the body with all requirements to enhance a quick and easy process.

Additionally, try and find a good quality of the whey protein product because it is cheaper and tastes better than others in the market. You should mix the whey protein powder with eight to ten glasses of your favorite beverage. Professionals recommend that the protein powder be mixed with water because it is beneficial to the body in many ways and doesn’t contain harmful additions.

If you prefer using the whey protein powder before working out, consume thirty grams of it about an hour before the workout. It would be best for you to take thirty grams of the protein whey powder within an hour after a workout if you prefer taking it after working out. However, professionals recommend that you should take two 30-gram servings if you weigh over 180 pounds.

2. Casein Protein Powder

Casein protein powder is similar to whey protein powder in that it is easily digested and absorbed in the body. It has a good taste and contains beneficial amino acids. Scientists researched and concluded that they are similar in muscle building. When one consumes whey, they experience an increase in amino acids in the blood. On the other hand, casein’s digestion is slow, which means that it releases amino acids slowly in the blood.

That is why most individuals prefer casein for quick muscle recovery. They get the best results by consuming it before retiring to bed at night. When consuming casein, mix it with eight to ten ounces of your most preferred beverage.

If you choose to take it before going to bed, consume forty grams of casein one hour before sleeping. To take it before working out, consume forty grams one hour before the workout. That is the same case for those who choose to consume it after working out. However, you should consume two servings of your body, weighing above 180 pounds.

3. Plant Protein Powder

Vegetables do not contain high amounts of protein. And even though plant protein may be better than vegan protein in muscle building, vegetable proteins provide the body with unmatched benefits. Experts recommend that male bodybuilders should consume good portions of both plant and animal proteins to have the right amounts in their bodies. However, bodybuilders can supplement the plant proteins with plant protein powder because it provides the body with the right protein quantities.

One of the best you can choose is the blend of pea protein and rice since it helps in the quick build-up of muscles. It also has a good taste, has proper amounts of amino acids, and is easily digested. You can mix eight to ten ounces of your favorite drink with the plant protein powder and consume forty grams one hour before working out if you choose to take it as pre-workout nutrition. You may also take similar portions one hour after working out if you prefer to consume them after exercising.

4. Creatine

Most experts recommend creatine instead of natural testosterone supplement because it contains natural supplements that aid in muscle growth. Healthy people can use creatine for short and long durations because it doesn’t cause any harmful effects. Male bodybuilders should consume three to five grams of creatine each day to enhance their body strength, muscle development, and recovery. For many years, people thought that one should take creatine after working out for the best results. However, recent research showed that creatine provides the body with similar benefits no matter when one chooses to consume it.


The above are some of the best natural supplements that male bodybuilders should consider to build their muscles. Experts recommend them because of the many other benefits they offer.

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