How to Recover After a Workplace Injury

Getting injured at work can affect your performance and more often than not you need to take some time off. In a perfect world, you would be allowed to take all the time you need to recover but the reality could not be further from this. Your employer will want you to resume work as soon as possible. How can you ensure that you recover quickly and can regain your health within a short time?

Seek Treatment

Whether it is just a scratch by a machine or a falling brick landed on your head, all workplace injuries need to be handled by a professional doctor. This doctor will determine the severity of the injury and advise on the treatment needed. The doctor will also need to make a statement to the employer’s private insurance or the Department of Labor & Industries workers compensation. Follow all the instructions given. At times the injury will require physiotherapy and other forms of rehabilitative treatment. Take part in all sessions so as to regain normal body functions as soon as possible.

Never ignore the doctor’s instructions and resume usual functions sooner than you should. This could cause you to have health issues later on. Give the body time to heal while doing all that is required of you.

Keep a Positive Mindset

Your injuries may hurt really badly and this makes you feel sad and frustrated. You may even be angry at your employer or that colleague who seems to have caused the accident. Now may not seem like a good time to be positive-minded but it is a good choice. Keep your mind clear of all stressful thoughts and think positively. Think more about the time after your recovery than your current state.

Surround yourself with friends and family members who encourage you to remain positive. Being positive will put you in a good mood which will make it easy to do everything you need to do towards your recovery. Positive thoughts will help you not only recover faster but also feel better about yourself after recovery.

Get Compensated

Workplace injuries are unlike other injuries that happen out there. These occur at a person’s place of work and though some are mere accidents, others are due to negligence on the employer’s side. No matter what the cause is, it is the duty of an employer to ensure its employees get the best care in case of an injury. Talk to an L&I attorney who will help you get the compensation you deserve. Your normal life should not be severely affected because of a work injury and an attorney will help you ensure this. They will help you get compensated for the time lost, medical bills, and any incapacitation caused among other benefits. Visit if you need legal help with your work injury in Washington.

Getting compensation will help with your recovery. You will not need to think about finances like medical fees and lost wages. You only need to concentrate on taking care of yourself.

Take Good Care of Yourself

No one loves you more than yourself. When you are at your worst time is the right time to show yourself that love. Take good care of your body by nourishing it as needed, getting enough rest, and following doctor’s orders. Do not do anything that adds to your pain or which may make your recovery take longer. If you are unable to do some personal chores, let someone you trust help you as you recover. With proper care, you will see that your recovery will take a much shorter time.

Plan Your Return to Work

Although you should only return to work when ready, you need to make arrangements on how this will be. Stay in touch with your employer, often updating them on your recovery process. Ask them to arrange for any changes that may be necessary to your work. These will be mainly guided by the advice given by your doctor. You may require a change in the setup of your workstation, a change in duties or being assigned lighter duties. Whatever is needed, you need to have it planned with your employer. Do not just expect to walk in on your reporting day and expect everything to be automatically arranged. To avoid stressing over the return to work, it is best to start planning when your recovery period if almost over.


Recovering from a work injury is not easy and it may take some time. With proper care and treatment, you will see that you will recover in no time. Remember that your injury should not get in the way of your life. You deserve to be compensated for every way the injury affects your life.

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