5 Natural Health Remedies to Help With Pain

Pain, whether mild or severe, can be devastating. Anytime you experience a toothache, headache or any other kind of pain, your first reaction is to buy acetaminophen or other types of painkillers. But did you know that over-reliance on over-the-counter medicines such as ibuprofen and other pain relievers can cause addiction, drug interactions or more adverse effects? To curb this, you can switch to natural remedies for relieving pain. So, what are the best natural ways to alleviate pain? Various natural supplements can help minimize pain with the lowest risk level. Some of these natural remedies include:

1. Willow Bark

Willow bark provides an exceptional way of relieving inflammation and other discomforts such as headaches, low back pain, Osteoarthritis, among many other conditions. Chemical salicin, which is found in the white willow bark, contains a high percentage of ingredients present in aspirin. Willow bark has been used over centuries, and its results have been incredible. Unlike in the past, where people chew the bark itself to mitigate pain and fevers, today, the bark is first dried, and you can prepare it like tea.

Alternatively, it can be used as a liquid supplement or in capsule form. Like aspirin, willow bark should not be taken in large quantities as it can be harmful, especially to children. Also, do not use willow bark if you use any over–the–counter drugs such as ibuprofen or naproxen.

2. Rosemary Essential Oil

Rosemary plant, also known as Rosmarinus Officinalis, is a herb found naturally and can be used to treat headaches, muscle and bone pain, seizures, inflammation, and other discomforts. It can also be used to treat dementia. Rosemary has carnosic acid, ursolic acid, and rosmarinic acid, which have antioxidative features.

Rosemary relieves pain by acting on receptors in the brain known as opioid receptors, responsible for stirring up pain. Rosemary oil also offers relief in people suffering from opium withdrawal.

3. Turmeric

Usually, turmeric is used in food to add flavor and curry its yellow color. However, apart from the typical uses of turmeric, it can be used as a natural supplement for treating various illnesses such as indigestion, ulcers, stomach upset, psoriasis, cancer, among other conditions. Turmeric is a natural pain reliever as it has bioactive compounds with medicinal elements. Curcumin, an ingredient present in turmeric, contains robust anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

However, since curcumin is not easily absorbed in the bloodstream, you need to use it with black pepper. It contains piperine, a natural substance that promotes the absorption of curcumin, thus making it substantially more effective.

4. Use of Cloves

Cloves are readily available and are used to add unique flavor to meat and rice dishes. Some other cloves, such as ground cloves, are used to spice pies and other types of foods. Cloves contain an active ingredient known as eugenol, which is a natural pain reliever. Eugenol works by preventing N-methyl-d-aspartate (NMDA) receptors which are responsible for pain sensitivity. Cloves are commonly used to treat pains emanating from headaches, arthritic inflammation, toothaches and others. Apart from being a natural pain reliever, cloves are also used to treat several other conditions such as bleeding disorders, nausea, colds and others. Cloves can be present in a capsule, powder form or oil.

5. Use of Colloidal silver

Colloidal silver is a common dietary supplement. It has been widely used to clean up the gut, enhance the immune system and reduce inflammation. Although there are numerous misperceptions about the use of colloidal silver, in opposition to this assertion, there are plenty of documented benefits of silver, which are acknowledged by federal and regulatory bodies and applied as cleansing procedures.

Colloidal silver products can be used as home remedies to treat infections, hay fever, pain relief, and several other conditions. The EPA established a colloidal silver dosage chart. For instance, the recommended RFD is 350 micrograms of silver per day. Taking silver above 50 ppm once a day would make you surpass the recommended RFD. In addition, taking 20 ppm three times a day would set you below the recommended RFD.

Before using natural remedies to relieve your pain, it is imperative to understand the cause of the pain. Also, ensure you conduct thorough research to gain comprehensive information on the risks associated with the particular element you are using. However, natural health remedies used to relieve pain are the best as they are associated with minimal side effects, are reliable, and highly affordable.

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