Essentials to Never Forget for a Family Beach Vacation

The image source is Pexels.

One of the main tasks you can do before any fun beach vacation is to make sure your family packs the essentials in order to have a great time. Keep reading to learn about what you can bring to make your experience that much more fun.

Comfortable Clothing

Here are a few tips on packing comfortable clothing for your beach vacation this upcoming year. Be honest with yourself about color. White capris may look great as you’re strolling through the shops, but if a sandy-footed child is likely to crawl through your lap on a regular basis, consider getting denim or khaki.

To that end, make sure you also have something fun and pretty on top. For example, if you love to swim, you may well spend your whole day in a bathing suit. To change things up, instead of always wearing a swimsuit cover up, add a light layer, such as a mesh top over a halter or bathing suit top. Pair this with a pretty hat and bring a few silky scarves you can change out to add variety without requiring another suitcase.

Make Sure You Have Enough Bathing Suits

Do your best to make sure that everyone has at least two bathing suits before you get to the hotel. This will leave one to dry in the shower while the other can be worn to the beach. Consider also bringing older, thinner towels for beach use. While a microfiber may be the best option on the sand, an older towel can serve as a wicking tool if you need to drape wetsuits over a balcony railing or over patio furniture.

For the kids, consider taking sun-protective swim gear for swimming early in the day. This can keep them a bit warmer if the wind comes up and give them a break from UV rays. Your waterproof sunscreen will also be critical, both in the cream and spray format.

Tips to Protect Your Electronics

We can’t function without our electronic gear. If you’re traveling with older children, they will likely also have phones and tablets. Create your “home base” on the beach with a colorful beach tent. Inside, make room for

  • chairs
  • coolers
  • keys
  • electronic gear

Many beach tents have pockets in the legs that drop down from the canopy. A locking box to bury under your cooler may also be a good idea. Finally, if you’re traveling with enough folks that your beach tent will be monitored for most of the day, consider adding a portable solar battery to keep things charged up.

How to Handle Jewelry and Accessories

Different jewelry can turn one top or tunic into several different looks. To avoid tangles, lay out a stretch of plastic wrap. On top of top, lay down a soft piece of lint free fabric, such as a silky scarf. Lay your necklaces out flat on the fabric, fold the fabric gently over the jewelry, then wrap the plastic wrap around the fabric. Because the silky fabric will provide some cushion to the beads and chains, you can wrap the plastic rather snugly.

Loop your earrings together by running one post through the back of the other. If you have dangly earrings, put them individually in small snack sandwich bags to avoid damage to the structure of the earring from the hooks and other hardware. Chain bracelets can be looped around bundled socks to prevent tangles.

Packing in Food and Beverages

If you’re flying in, you’ll need to make a supply run and pick up a cooler while you’re getting food and water. For those who have the option to drive to the beach, you may be better off stopping further away from the beach to pick up supplies where prices are a bit lower.

Travelers who can drive in can save space in the cooler by freezing up some foods and beverages at home. Small water bottles can be filled to 3/4 full and frozen to add bulk to the cooler. Some fruits, such as grapes, can also be frozen in individual snack bags. Of course, you will try to invest in healthy snacks. However, make sure you also bring a few sugary treats for yourselves and your children. The offerings at the snack bars on the beach will probably not be healthy or budget friendly.


A family beach vacation is a wonderful way to get away and relax while staying socially distanced and safe. Making sure that everyone has fresh undies and an outfit for each day is a good starting point; you may need to do some shopping for the whole family before you get on the road.

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