Tips for Improving Your Family’s Dental Health

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Taking care of your family’s dental health is imperative not only so that they have good oral health but also so they can have good overall health. When your teeth and gums are healthy, this helps your heart and other body organs function properly. If your family’s oral health is lacking, you will want to do all that you can to improve it.

Eat A Healthy Diet

Eating a healthy diet can help you and your family to have great oral health. You should be eating things like vegetables, chicken, grains, fish, and fruits. You should avoid sugary things and soda. If you and your family have decided to switch to diet sodas, you will need to think about cutting those out too. The acid that is found in these drinks can harm the enamel in your teeth. While it can be hard to cut out sugary treats, especially for kids, you will want to do all that you can to limit them. If your child does have a sugary treat, especially something sticky like candy, you will want them to brush, floss, and use mouthwash right after they get done eating it. This will help to ensure that none of the sugar is stuck to the teeth.

Seeing Your Dentist Regularly

You and your family should be seeing your dentist twice a year for routine checkups and cleanings. Doing this can help to catch any dental problems before they happen and prevent cavities and gum issues. While it can be hard to schedule your new smile dental visits, especially for school-age children, your dentist should offer after-school hours, or you can always get them a visit on their lunch break from school. Seeing the dentist regularly can also help you to get treatments like sealants that will help to ensure that your teeth are protected. Your dentist can also help to recommend braces if they are needed and other oral treatments that may help to prevent dental issues in the future.

Early Intervention

If you notice that you or your child have gums that bleed, extremely bad breath, issues with a tooth, or any other dental issue, you will want to get them into the dental office as soon as possible. Early treatment for an issue can help the dental issue from becoming worse. For example, if your child has a small cavity and you have it repaired immediately, this can help your child to avoid a potential abscess and further issues with the tooth.

Use An Antibacterial Mouthwash

You should encourage your family to use an antibacterial mouthwash that will help to get rid of bacterial buildup. When bacteria builds up in your mouth, it will cause bad breath. You may not always be able to get the bacteria out of your mouth with brushing and flossing. Rinsing with a mouthwash can help to kill off this bacteria, creating a healthier mouth and fresher breath.

Investing In A Good Toothbrush

The toothbrushes that you and your family use will have an effect on how good your oral health is. You do not have to run out and purchase the most expensive toothbrushes out there. You can find brushes that are budget-friendly that will get the job done. Do not get harder bristles for your toothbrush. You will want to avoid brushing too hard. Brushing too hard can cause receding gums and lead to enamel loss. You will want to find a toothbrush with soft bristles that is dentist recommended. You can ask your new dental office what toothbrushes they recommend.


You and the rest of your family should be flossing daily. Flossing is not enjoyable, but it helps to remove plaque and other debris from your teeth. This helps to reduce the risk of infections and gum issues. If you do not want to floss and you have trouble getting your children to floss, you should consider investing in a water pik to help remove the plaque and debris with water.

Drink More Water With Fluoride

Most tap water today has fluoride added into it, which will help your oral health. Fluoride has been shown to help curb tooth decay and will promote good dental health. If you do not have fluoride in your tap water, there are some bottled water brands that offer it in their water.


Doing the tips above will help you and your family have better dental health in the future. Remember to visit your dentist twice a year for the best care for your oral health.

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