How Changing Your Air Filter Can Improve Your Health

A 2018 report showed that using an air filter helps reduce the number of particles that can trigger allergies and asthma. However, many homeowners have air filters but are not sure about the benefits of getting them replaced. It’s a crucial process, especially if you tend to experience allergies. Luckily, we outline how changing your air filter can improve your health:

Air Filters Can Remove Pet Dander

While your little furball companions are great, they tend to have lots of hair, which can accumulate around the house. Pet dander refers to the dead flakes of skin that occur from pet shedding.

The pets shed lots of dander, which can spread quickly around your home. People with allergies such as a runny nose, itchy eyes, coughs and more, are prone to such issues. It can be a particularly concerning issue if it occurs to a loved one. The sufferer might experience discomfort and regular trips to the hospital, which is inconvenient. An excellent way to eliminate pet dander in a home would be to change the air filter regularly.

Pollen and Dust

Pollen and dust occur commonly in most homes, especially if you have lots of plant life around. People with allergies to pollen and dust often experience various allergic reactions. They have sensitive breathing systems, which makes them prone to such contaminants. With a well-maintained air filter, the ability to eliminate such contaminants becomes a simple process. Even if you don’t have allergies, you will benefit from enhancing air quality in your indoor space.

EPA reports have shown that people spend over 90% of their time indoors, where pollutants can be over five times higher than outdoors. The best recommendation for such issues would be to change the filter after every 2 to 3 months. However, the 16x25x1 air filter types are easy to repair and ensure up to 6 months of effective usage.

Mold and Spores

A recent report by the CDC showed that fungi and mold occur naturally indoors. These contaminants prefer warm or humid conditions, and they often spread uniquely. For instance, mold has spores or microscopic particles smaller than the average strand of human hair.

The spores float around the air, and controlling their spread is not easy. Mold also feeds on decaying material such as wood trees and paper. Recent reports have also shown that some air filters are also breeding grounds for mold. Usually, these filters feature paper and cardboard structures, which makes them affordable. So, it’s crucial to control mold in such air filters and keep track of its functions.

It Helps Eliminate Bacteria

Bacteria not only exists on home surfaces. You will also encounter it in places such as the air in your home. Kids and older adults or those with asthma are susceptible to the presence of such contaminants indoors.

The common signs of bacteria contamination include coughing, fever, watery eyes, and various other health issues. Ensure that you also keep surfaces such as door handles, floors, and pet areas hygienic. These are the places that are most prone to human traffic and can quickly become contaminated. Doing this will ensure the filter takes air quality in your home to another level. Plus, it will also help control the spread and development of bacteria in remote sections such as on sinks or kitchen surfaces.

Reduces Your Likelihood of Suffering from Health Issues

Issues such as Covid 19 have raised awareness of the importance of air quality indoors. The disease has the same characteristics as the flu, and it can spread quickly through the air or surfaces.

With a new air filter, you will significantly reduce the likelihood of such contaminants in your home. The key to success is positioning your filter correctly and its ability to remove any impurities that can lead to health issues. It is a vital resource if you experience lots of traffic in your home or property. The air filter will work well alongside other practices like washing hands, wearing masks, and disinfecting surfaces.

The quality of air in your is an important asset, and it naturally contains several contaminants. Fortunately, you have many options for controlling the air quality in your house conveniently. Each solution is easy to implement, and you can consult with a professional service for additional advice.

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