How to Entertain Guests by Decorating Your House

Having guests at your house can be a comfortable and wonderful way to spend quality time together! If you are having guests over, you want to ensure that they are entertained and that you are presenting your home in a welcoming way. Entertain your guests by decorating them with these four steps!

Start With a Pleasant First Impression

First impressions are important, and you want your guests to feel welcome and excited from the moment they approach your home! Make sure your entry and exit area are well lit. If your guests are arriving in the evening or will be leaving in the evening, make sure there is plenty of light to guide them on the way in or out. Make their entrance even more pleasant by incorporating colorful flowers into your entryway. Fresh flowers are lovely but to make this decoration piece easier, purchase faux flower arrangements that require much less maintenance and can be used time and time again. A beautiful floral decoration placed where your guests will enter your home and even placing some throughout your home in other entertainment areas will enhance your entertainment decorations and may even serve as a conversation piece. Winward Home has many collections to choose from to choose the right florals for your space.

Have Comfortable But Functional Furniture

When you are entertaining guests, you want them to be comfortable as well as yourself. When choosing the furniture for your home, consider this and choose pieces that will fulfill that comfort requirement. Also, when adding in decorations, consider conveniently placing accessory tables and other pieces that will serve as resting areas and spots for guests to put down their food and beverages during their stay. Pro-tip, when setting up your home and arranging your furniture, act as a guest. Sit where a guest will sit and go through the motions of having a plate of food or a beverage to ensure that your setup and furniture are comfortable and functional for them! Add in some comfort items such as blankets or seasonal pillows that will serve as added decorations and will make your guests feel even more at home in your house.

Include a Bar or Beverage Cart

Bar carts or beverage carts can check the box of decor in your space and can also provide a convenient spot for guests to be entertained with drinks. These carts come in various sizes, colors, and shapes so you can select one that compliments the designs you have in the rest of your house! Order a bar cart online that fits your style and will add a nice, decorative piece to your space. Stock your bar or beverage cart before entertaining guests. Use colorful glasses, cocktail napkins, and even an artificial floral piece if you have the space to make this even more of a decorative piece. Depending on the event you are hosting, you can even make this a make-your-own cocktail station with specific ingredients and instructions for your guests to create and enjoy.

Upgrade the Bathroom Experience

Most guests will visit your bathroom at some point during their visit to your house. Make sure your bathroom is clean and inviting by using colorful pieces and again, even including an artificial floral piece. Add a candle or something scented to your bathroom as well as essentials that guests may need. Include a basket or decorative bowl with items that your guests will be appreciative of such as:

  • Packets of tissues
  • Makeup wipes
  • Mini bottles of mouth wash
  • Floss
  • Spray deodorant
  • Light perfume and cologne
  • Mints
  • Hand lotion
  • Eye drops
  • Stain remover

Enjoy entertaining your guests and make it a wonderful experience for them and an easier experience for you by following these four decoration steps. Add floral pieces and make a great first impression and make sure furniture pieces are decorative, functional, and comfortable. Purchase a bar or beverage cart as a source of entertainment and decor. Don’t forget the bathroom when working on ensuring that your guests have a great experience in your home. Cheers and happy entertaining!


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