How to Start Your Days in a Better and Happier Mood

The image source is Pexels.

Looking to start your day in a better and happier mood? Look no further! Follow these five steps to put some pep in your step and start your day on a high note.

Prepare for Your Day the Night Before

Starting your day unprepared and unorganized can send your entire day south rather quickly. Take a few minutes at night to set yourself up for success in the morning for less stress and more happiness. Choose and put out the clothes you are going to wear for the day the night before and pack any bags you may need as well. Have any lunches or meals needed made and have your breakfast and coffee set up ready to go. These small steps of preparation will help make your morning smoother.

Stretch or Meditate

If you take just five or ten minutes when you first wake up to stretch or meditate, you are sure to be in a happier mood when starting your day. Low-intensity stretches can help to get the blood flowing and release endorphins that will enhance your mood! Meditating will also help to enhance your mood and center yourself, so you are ready to take on the day. Consider downloading an app like Headspace which can help guide you through short stretching and meditation routines.

Fuel Your Body

Having a good day and staying in a happier mood often correlates to whether your body is properly fueled or not. Drink some water, eat a nutritious breakfast, and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee. Coffee can help to boost your mood and will help to increase your productivity levels, leading to a better day. Change up your caffeine routine by trying Hawaiian coffee which is sure to ramp up your energy level and give you something to look forward to drinking first thing in the morning! Have your breakfast and coffee fixings ready to go to fuel your body as effortlessly as possible.

Take Some Time to Journal

Whether you prefer to write in a journal, make a note on your phone, or type a document on your computer, journaling can help you feel happier. Here are eight suggestions of what to write down in the morning to have a better beginning to your day:

  • Affirmations/I am statements
  • What you are grateful for
  • Your short term goals
  • Your long term goals
  • How you plan to reach your goals
  • Action items for the day
  • Things that make you feel relaxed
  • Things that bring you happiness

Incorporate Exercise

There are countless benefits to exercise, and it is very known that exercise releases endorphins that are proven to put you in a better, happier mood. Regular exercise also helps to reduce stress. If this is the result of exercising, it only makes sense to begin your day with some if you are looking to start your day in a better and happier mood! Exercising as you start your day will also help you to fully wake up before going to work, caring for your kids, and more. Depending on how much time you can spare, try going for a walk, doing a short yoga routine, or hitting the gym for thirty minutes in the morning.


Start your days in a better and happier mood by following these simple steps. Set yourself up for success by being prepared for your morning. Stretch or meditate, make sure your body is hydrated, fueled, and enjoy a nice cup of coffee. Take a little time to write down your thoughts and add in some exercise to start your consistent great days!

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