Travel Necessities Your Family Should Not Forget This Year

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Whether it’s finally time for that vacation you had to put off or you just decide to take the scenic route back with your family, the joy of traveling can quickly turn stressful or worrisome. Take comfort – by following the classic motto, “be prepared” you can eliminate the stress and find yourself having the best year of your life with your family. If you set yourself up well from the start, you’ll be able to enjoy your traveling experience to the fullest, so make sure to check off the necessities below to maximize both safety and fun.

1. Plan Ahead

It may seem obvious at first, but the most important step towards checking off all the necessary items on a list is to actually make the list. Start with the length of the time you’ll be gone so you know what you’ll need to bring and what you need to leave behind. For longer trips, work out a way for someone to get your mail and check on your house or apartment. Let someone at home know your itinerary so they can check in with you throughout the week.

Start your prep list in advance so that you or your family can add to it over time to make extra sure you’ll have everything covered. Whether it’s hygiene products, games, or a daily schedule of your clothes, a list will not only help you beforehand, it’s great for the end of the trip. Bring it with you and refer to it when you’re packing up at the end of your traveling to make sure you aren’t leaving anything behind.

2. Choose Your Travel Method

Scheduling flights can be tricky and expensive, so consider opting for a road trip the next time you travel. If you do choose your car, there are a few essential steps to make sure you’ll be all set to take your family out for a spin.

Safety first! You don’t want to be waylaid by a warning light on your dashboard. Make sure your car is in tip-top shape before you hit the road. Check the oil, gas, and tires, and set yourself up for success by making sure you have the necessary tools with you on the go. Invest in a portable tool kit and grease gun kit. Why? The proper kit will allow for enhanced engine performance and is sure to give you peace of mind when you’re driving. You can even build your own kit to make sure it is just the right fit for your car. If you’re bringing a trailer or traveling in an RV, opt for the heavy-duty grease that can stand up to all applications, including high temperatures and low and high-speed bearings.

3. Check the Map

Sometimes, the best part of a trip is not the destination but the stops along the way. Check out your travel path and see what there is to do along the route. If you’re by the coast, make sure to bring some sunscreen, towels, and swimsuits for a quick side-trip to the ocean. Look into historical sights, top recommended restaurants, and any hiking trails that might help break up those long stretches in the car. Throw in hand sanitizer, baby wipes, and even a bar of soap to keep yourself safe and healthy throughout all of your exploring.

4. The Essentials

Create a bin or a bag for your IDs, chargers, and headphones so that you can easily check if you have them all. Don’t forget to bring some snacks! Double-check you don’t have anything that might spoil in your fridge while you’re gone. If you have small children, try creating an individual snack bag for each child to easily hand out in the car or on a plane. Consider bringing earplugs in case someone wants to sleep in the car, and make sure you bring a portable charger for your devices. Check this list for even more travel essentials to bring with you.


It’s time to get back into travel. Make your lists, grab your essentials, and enjoy some well-deserved time on the road!

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