Event Planner Tips: Picture Perfect Event Space

For event planners, many details go into the final offering that will wow or bore event attendees. Regardless of the event’s duration or its niche and objectives, meticulous and thorough planning is a must. And one of the vital components of any successful event is where it happens. 

Your venue is one of the most critical choices you’ll make and one of the main budgeting factors. Not only does it set the scene, but your theme is also built around the venue you select. Here is a guide to the essential considerations in finding the perfect venue for your event:

The Layout and Floor Plan

Before setting out to find a venue, it is best to envision the sort of layout you want. Your floor plan should be in line with your event needs and allow room for any changes that might occur, and they will. The critical elements to your floor plan should be the flow of traffic, activities, and placement of significant event components such as AV equipment.

The movement flow of people during events varies. An event that includes registration will see high traffic around the registering entrance area. However, one that involves music will probably have attendees flock to the front rows. If your event involves speakers or constructive talks, ensure a smooth flow to outlet areas to minimize distractions. Consider anything else you may need, like a stage or backstage for your team, and maybe even a bar.

The Holding Capacity of Venue

Capacity regarding your location is under two perspectives: The number of attendees and the location’s ability to accommodate them. Consider this, if you expect 300 people to your event, a space capacity of 250 people will be congested; A 500-person capacity space will not only allow you flexibility on attendance but also maximize comfortability. Especially now, with COVID-19 regulations and social distancing rules, finding a spacious venue is a top event necessity. Therefore, prioritize comfortability, health, attendance flexibility, and sitting/standing space when rating a venue’s capacity.

It’s not all about the space that will hold the vent; capacity trickles down to the amenities. For example, your event space should have enough bathrooms to cater to your team and event-goers. If you expect in-house catering from the space, can the kitchen fully provide all your attendees’ meals?

Cost and Hidden Fees

Your budget and its allocation determine the cost of your venue. As said earlier, your location will probably be the most costly of your event expenses. The cost helps you trim down your venue options and is a great place to select your perfect event space. It is best if you agree on the venue’s price before any other details. The upfront rental price is not your only cost implication. Consider asking of any hidden costs that could come up with the location.

Hidden costs are independent of the contract for your venue. The fees could derail your budget if not well accounted for. Some venues will cater for such additions but at an extra fee; find that out with your venue representative. Some hidden fees elements include:

  • Team’s transport costs
  • Taxes and insurance costs
  • Need for fast Wi-Fi
  • Extra lighting such as to possibly create your own neon sign
  • Furniture required
  • Accessibility and Convenience

Post agreeing about the venue’s price, it is best to pick a venue that’ll offer you much of what you are going for. That will make your event planning more convenient and more manageable. It will also be better suited for your attendees’ experience that the event was easily accessible and convenient on their needs and expectations.

The firsts step is to settle for the space that event-goers will quickly locate and travel to. If your event is suited for international participants, select a place close to the hotel or airports. For local events, ensure the event is close to public transportation or closer to your target audience.

It is crucial that your event also caters to people with special needs. Your event-goers also probably have cars, secure ample and safe parking lots for them. You can also partner up with cab services like UberEVENTS to allow discounts to your event attendees. 

Event-goers will probably reach your event all pleased and more excited if you provide seamless accessibility services. Breakaway rooms to allow some space for smokers or alone time for anxious personality also enhances attendees’ experience.

Your venue selection is one of the most significant decisions you will make. First, have some options and settle on a list that will meet all your needs. It is essential to know the number of attendees and their needs before picking a place out. In addition, use your budget and theme to pick your ultimate list of event spaces effectively.

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