Healthy Habits for Long-Term Skin Care and Beauty

Getting older isn’t easy, but looking older can be really frustrating. However, there are dietary choices and daily habits you can put to work to reduce the signs of aging on your face. With the right foods, refreshing products, and sunscreens, you can delay the signs of aging.

Avoid Sun Exposure

Use sunscreen every day. If possible, work a facial moisturizer with sunscreen into your routine every morning. This light layer of moisture can serve as a base for your daily makeup or just a light touch of powder before you get busy with your day.

Make sure you choose a sunscreen that also contains a light moisturizer. Even acne-prone skin needs a bit of moisture. If you’re oily along the T zone, make sure you moisturize under the eyes, across your forehead, around your mouth, and along your neck.

Supplements for Healthy Skin and Eyes

No matter your daily diet, making sure you get enough Vitamin C is critical for healthy skin. Vitamin A can protect your eye health, as can many of the products available from supplements sale Canada.

If you work out on a regular basis, consider incorporating whey-based protein products to cut down on muscle soreness. Consider adding collagen supplements to your daily routine to keep connective tissues healthy. Collagen is what keeps skin firm and keeps your connective tissues healthy and Vitamin C is one of the many nutrients that helps build healthy collagen structures.

Dietary Choices

While a vegan or vegetarian diet can be extremely healthy overall, it can lead to shortages in zinc and selenium. These two minerals can lead to slow healing and rashes if you’re deficient in either of these critical minerals.

In addition to your fruits and vegetables, consider adding a fortified cereal with oat or rice milk. You can also get selenium from pasta and Brazil nuts. Zinc lozenges are popular during cold and flu season; if you’re worried about running low, you may need to use one daily to avoid getting low.

For those who do eat meat, it’s a very good idea to avoid high sodium foods. Deli meats, smoked products, and high-fat meats and dairy products can all be very tasty, but too much salt can lead to puffiness and bloating. Anything that causes you to hold onto too much water in your tissues can also be hard on your kidneys, liver, and gut.


Make water your daily go-to and try to keep a water bottle front and center in your refrigerator to make this choice easier. Try to avoid carbonated sodas; even diet soda can lead to puffiness and bloating.

Consider adding green tea or green tea extract to your daily hydration routine. This beverage is loaded with antioxidants, which are critical to helping your body shed the free radicals that damage your tissues from the inside. Be aware that green tea is high in caffeine and may be acidic; it might be a nice choice with your lunch to help you beat the mid-afternoon sleepy slump.

Cleanse and Exfoliate

Avoid using harsh cleansers on your face. Consider using a simple non-detergent soap with no fragrance. If you have any redness after your daily facial washing routine, you may need to

  • cut your soap with water
  • use cool water to wash your face
  • only use soap for removing your makeup
  • use tea tree oil in your face wash

Tea tree oil is a terrific antibacterial product and just a drop in your facewash bottle can help to lower your risk of an acne flare-up.

Finally, consider a DIY exfoliant. For example, you can blend a bit of brown sugar and just a little olive oil into a slurry and gently rub it onto your skin, then rinse it away once a week. Oatmeal scrubs can also gently remove tired skin cells without going too deep.

Keeping your face out of the sun, avoiding UV damage with sunscreen on a daily basis, drinking water before you drink anything else, and keeping your skincare routine simple can often have wonderful results. When you try a new skincare product, give it at least 4 weeks for your skin to adjust before switching to a new product.

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