How To Improve Your Sales Pitches

It is humorous to look back at advertisements from the 50s, 60s, and 70s. The ads look awkward and staged compared to what people are accustomed to today. What worked then would be universally panned today.

Selling has become harder in a world where people are constantly bombarded with advertisements. Advertising and sales must be pinpointed to the needs of the individual customer. For this reason, your sales pitch must be fine-tuned if it is to have its desired goal.

Break Down Roles and Responsibilities

A good sales pitch starts with planning. This means breaking down different jobs into roles and responsibilities. Individuals on your team should be tasked with assignments based on their strengths. You have your copywriters, your designers, your trainees, etc.

When everybody knows their defined role, it becomes a lot easier to do the job. Confusion can be avoided. There is a lot of software out there that marketing managers can use to keep their teams and tasks organized. You can also check out sales training blogs to learn how others break down different jobs and responsibilities. 

Cut Out the Fluff

If you are using email to make your sales pitch, keep things brief and to the point. Just think about how many emails you delete during the day. If you are like most people, you are deleting or ignoring countless emails because they are too long.

You want people to read it from the start to the finish. Just a few sentences outlining the proposition should be enough. The opening words should be clever to hook the reader. Facts and statistics should be true, transparent, and easy to digest. People are only going to respond to your emails if your pitches are clear and concise.

Sell Yourself and Then Your Product

Before you can get people to be interested in your product, they have to like you. You are more valuable than your product. No one is going to invest with someone they don’t trust. You need to communicate your values, experience, and trustworthiness.

Before you can sell yourself to others, you need to believe in yourself. Once you find your worth, you will find it easier to sell your product.

You want to convince people that the ideas you have are brilliant, that the products you offer are quality, and that you are the type of person they want to work with.

You may have many competitors. This means that you are the defining factor.

Sound like a Human Talking to Humans

You are not pitching to a machine. You are pitching to human clients. While buzzwords and technobabble sound nice in theory, the human brain is more receptive to casual discussion.

People react to a friendly, conversational, and informal tone. When making your pitch face-to-face, talk to them one by one. Show them you appreciate them. Genuinely empathize with their needs.

In most cases, people are attracted to a casual attitude and approach. If you read a sales training blog, you will find good ideas on how you can take corporate speech and make it sound more casual. You can learn how to add warmth and feeling to your voice that your audience will appreciate.

Prepare for Objections

The worst thing that your team could do when preparing for a sales pitch is to become an echo chamber. You don’t want everyone patting each other on the back and talking about how good the product or service that you are going to pitch is. Every product and service has its weak points. It could be cost, availability, manufacturing, etc.

As you are preparing for your pitch, think about the objections. Make note of every objection you consider.

Think about how you are going to overcome those objections. You should think about what makes your product or service unique. How can you use that to provide relevant, truthful, and direct answers to objections that people may have?

Give Them Something Free

People like giveaways. If you are making your pitch through an email or social media, including a giveaway.

This may seem difficult if you are already facing financial difficulties. However, offering something for free is a good way to reach people and keep them reading.


Crafting a good sales pitch that will reach modern audiences is difficult. But it is not impossible. It will require some work, planning, and understanding your audience. In the end, it will produce good results. 

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