5 Best Parenting Tips for Brand New Mothers

Image Source: Pexels.com 

When you’re a new mother, you tend to get advice from everyone; this can be very overwhelming, to say the least. However, the only thing you strive to do is make decisions that are in the best interest of your newborn baby. Being a good parent doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be perfect; no one is perfect. It’s also important to realize your child isn’t perfect before setting all the expectations you have. Nonetheless, it would be best if you worked towards the goal of achieving perfection. You have to understand that not reaching perfection is not a failure; it is your effort to provide your child with your very best in everything you do. You should set high standards for yourself since you are your child’s role model. Here are five tips on learning efficient parenting skills as a new mom.

Let your child lead the way

The stress that comes with being a new mum can be overwhelming, with everyone wanting to give their advice on what’s right. Your friends and family will want to put their two cents in when you get back home with your baby. They’ll want you to raise your child on a schedule, and they’ll also tell you how to raise him/her. It can be extremely nerve-racking and might make you lose your cool, but you should relax and realize that this is your child. You should listen to your baby and raise them how you think it’s right. Feed your baby when they tell you they’re hungry, not when you’re scheduled to. When you let your baby lead the way, you’ll end up being much happier and your child as well.

Help solidify your baby’s bond with their dad

Ensure that you let the dad spend ample time with the child as well. You will be able to get a break after your child gets used to their father. The dad’s touch and voice aren’t like yours, and this will create a new way of bonding between them. Your baby will be used to being with a different person, so you’ll be able to get a break sometimes. It’s a bit tough initially, but all you need to do is to ensure the baby is well rested and fed so that they don’t start crying. This will buy you at least two hours before the baby needs you again. Resist the urge to go into the room, give the dad enough time to figure out how to handle the baby. Your baby will learn of different ways to receive comfort. This will help when you need to leave them with a sitter or family members. Capture those beautiful moments with daddy too, as they bond with the help of a newborn photography company to create wonderful memories.

Your baby’s first baths

Approximately by week 3, your baby’s umbilical stump is going to fall off. This is the time you’ll get the opportunity to give them a real bath. To reduce the likelihood of your baby crying, keep them more comfortable, and to have the warmer, have a warm washcloth placed over their tummy as you bath them. If your house is a bit cold, you’ll need to turn up the heat as you bath your baby. This helps with preventing the baby from feeling the cold air shock after you’re done. This will help your baby adjust to and love bath times.

Calm your crying baby

The simple trick of patting your baby’s back when they cry in a heartbeat-like rhythm works well with soothing them. It offers your baby relaxation if they feel insecure and hence crying and helps the baby to burp much quicker. However, if this tip doesn’t work, then you can try one of these five methods: holding your baby on their side, shushing, swaddling, letting your baby suck, or even swinging her. Sometimes your baby might need all of them in order to stop wailing.

Bonus Tip: Create crib comfort

You’d notice during the early stages after childbirth; your child might only want to sleep on you. They’d wake up every time you put them down to sleep on their crib. You can deal with this by wrapping up a blanket around a heating pad so that it receives some warmth. After you soothe your baby and they’re asleep, remove the heating pad and then slip your baby between the warm blanket. You’ll notice the baby snuggle right in. You can also prewarm the blanket in a dryer.

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