Why Your Car is a COVID Hotspot and How to Keep it Clean

Brush cleaning off dust from the car interior details

Coronavirus is dangerous because it is very contagious. Mostly, it spreads through contaminated surfaces. According to Toyota, an average trip will result in the passengers and the driver touching the vehicle in many parts. This makes your car a COVID hotspot.

For this reason, you need to keep your vehicle clean to protect you and your passengers. Here are seven steps you can take to keep your car clean and COVID-free.

Be Prepared

As you take steps to clean your car, ensure that you are not transmitting any virus to the vehicle. It is recommended that you wash your hands thoroughly after being away from your house, taking care of others, sneezing or coughing, using the loo, or touching any surface that might be contaminated.

So, before you clean your can, ensure your hands are clean then put on designated or disposable hand gloves. This will lower the likelihood of spreading the virus into the vehicle.

Use the Right Equipment and Tools

By using disinfectants, you can eliminate coronavirus on surfaces such as leather, aluminum, plastic, and rubber. Most ordinary household disinfectants will work, but you have to ensure that the cleaner you use is safe for the surface of your car.

Some equipment and tools you may need for cleaning your car include:

  • Buckets
  • Car wash hand mitt
  • Brushes and applicators
  • Foam cannon
  • LED auto detailing light
  • Blower and vacuum and
  • Plastic razor blades
  • Drying tools
  • Auto detailing belt
  • Rolling work seat

Ensure you always have disinfectant wipes in the car so that you can use them regularly. Some cleaners might ruin your leather. So the best option is to use water and soap, then applying a conditioner than can protect the leather surfaces.

Concentrate on the Touchpoints

Touchpoints are those areas in and outside the car that people are likely to touch. Anything inside or outside the vehicle that’s likely to be reached needs to be clean thoroughly.

Some of these parts include exterior door handles, interior door release, seat belts, infotainment controllers, steering wheel, radio knobs, seat adjustment buttons, dashboard, heating controls, cup holders, seat pockets, and parcel shelf, gear shifter, among others. These touchpoints need daily cleaning.

Vacuum the Car Regularly

As you use your car, it will attract some dust particles. When these particles accumulate, they provide an excellent ground for germs, including coronavirus, to build up. This explains why regular vacuuming of the vehicle is necessary. As you vacuum, scrub the floor mats, lever, pedals, and carpets. Apart from vacuuming, use soapy water to deep clean the seats and have them disinfected.

Disinfect the Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) unit

Your car’s HVAC unit helps in the circulation of air in the cabin. If it’s not cleaned, it may be a possible means of transmitting coronavirus. This is why this unit needs a thorough cleaning. The breathable air filters in the cabin also need thorough cleaning. So, you need to remove them and have them cleaned.

Avoid Carrying People in Your Car

You might have kept yourself and your car free from coronavirus, but the moment you allow someone in the car, it won’t make any difference. If you carry an infected person in your vehicle, you’ll back to square one.

If you are forced by circumstances to carry a passenger, ensure they sanitize their hand before getting into the car. Also, avoid overcrowding in the vehicle. Ensure there’s a safe distance between you and the passenger. Clean and disinfect the vehicle as soon as possible at the end of the trip.

Dealing with The Young and the Old

If you regularly contact the elderly and the young children, be extra cautious even if they are your family members. Children are careless about cleanliness and hygiene, while older people are susceptible to the viruses that might be left behind.

Those aged 60 years and above are at a higher risk of contracting and dying from coronavirus, especially if they have cancer, chronic respiratory diseases, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, hypertension, or other underlying conditions. This is why you should try to keep your car clean and keep it away from children and the elderly unless you carry them in the car after taking all precautionary measures.

Remember, coronavirus kills. It is painful if this beast can find its way into your family. Therefore, do all it takes to ensure your car is safe for family use. Avoid unnecessary travels. You can even shop online and have everything delivered to your doorstep rather than going to the supermarket with your mask on.

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