Surprising Things You Can Do With CBD Oils

CBD supplements are used by many people to deal with a variety of physical, mental, and emotional health concerns. It’s important to note that while cannabidiol is a derivative of the cannabis plant, it’s not the product that produces a euphoric high; that’s THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. CBD is a highly regulated product that’s used to control pain, moderate anxiety, and reduce agitation.

Dosage Methods

CBD products can be:

  • vaped
  • ingested
  • applied to the skin, or
  • placed under the tongue.

Depending on your need and your tolerance, all of these applications can be easily and safely managed. If a child is to be dosed with CBD, take care to note their weight and the suggested dosage before encouraging them to ingest or apply this product. 

Any time you use CBD products, make sure to purchase them from a reputable supplier that uses hemp grown in the United States. Quality manufacturers will have their products tested by a third-party lab for purity and dosage consistency. If you want to ingest CBD or use a sublingual application, make sure the carrier oil is pure and smells fresh; oxidized oils are not safe to ingest.

Topical Options

You can find CBD topicals in a variety of lotions and creams. These can be applied directly to hands that ache from arthritis or feet that hurt from high-heeled shoes. If you suffer from a painful skin condition, such as neuropathy or fibromyalgia, there are a number of CBD bath bombs that can allow you to immerse yourself in CBD protection.

Ingestible Products

You can make or buy CBD gummies to provide you your preferred dosage. The key to making them yourself is to keep the heat low. You start with fruit juice, stir in flavored gelatin, and add your CBD oil. You only want this mixture warm enough to disperse the gelatin and the CBD; if you bring it to a boil you will alter the taste and may damage the effective product in the CBD, the terpenes. Silicone molds will be needed to produce the right shape for your gummies, so determine how many you plan to make and add enough CBD drops to split into your gummies.

With pure CBD oil, you can also make a mango CBD smoothie to get your dose early in the day. If you like a little flavor zip in your smoothie, you can add a few flakes of crushed red pepper to this smoothie recipe. As with any fruit dish, a little bit of salt will really make the flavors of the mango and the banana pop.

Sublingual Dosage

Placing your CBD dosage under your tongue may feel strange at first. Sublingual placement is the fastest way to get the dosage into your bloodstream. If you purchase CBD in a carrier oil, you may find that your stomach doesn’t react well to the product. Be aware that changing your carrier oil can reduce stomach upset.

If you can’t get used to sublingual applications, try the buccal method. This means placing the CBD inside your cheek. As you swish it around, it will likely come to rest under your tongue anyway, but you may be more comfortable applying the CBD in the cheek, outside your teeth, for quick absorption.


The key to safe vaping is to buy a high-quality pen. The metals in cheap pens can discharge and produce toxins that settle in the lungs. You will also need to purchase a CBD product that contains no additives and no thinning agents so that your CBD product burns pure and provides you with the safest dosage, leaving no residue in the lungs. 

It’s also critically important that you monitor your dosage, as vaping results occur instantly. If you’re working to quit using tobacco or giving up any other toxic, addictive substance, CBD vaping can reduce your anxiety and provide you with a calming habit, but it’s not a risk-free application or dosage.

CBD products can improve your life. If you suffer from chronic pain or severe anxiety, these products can give you your life back. That being said, it’s critically important that you use products that have been thoroughly tested and use them as directed for the best effect.

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