10 Essential Errands You Can do at Home

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Whether you’re at home because of quarantine or some other reason, you might worry about how you’ll get all of your errands done. Fortunately, tech companies are making it easy to do your errands without leaving home. Here are 10 errands you can do at home.

Grocery Shopping

One of the best errands to do from home is grocery shopping. Every grocery chain offers click and ship types of services. You can choose the delivery time. You add items to the list and specify the quantity. Many family-owned and operated grocers are also allowing online grocery shopping. Most farmer’s markets, such as the Clintonville Farmer’s Market in Columbus, OH, allow you to do your farmer’s market shopping online.

Refill Prescriptions

If you’re running low on a prescription, you can do an online refill request. Many pharmacies are offering home delivery. This allows you to maintain your relationship with a pharmacy you know and trust without actually having to go into their bricks-and-mortar location if you’re isolated or quarantined.

Try New Eyeglasses Frames

If your current glasses frame no longer suits your style, but your prescription is the same, you can try on new eyeglasses frames online. Just use your smartphone’s or computer’s camera. Upload the photo to an online eyeglasses retailer. Use their site to virtually try on different frames. You won’t have to worry about trying on frames that dozens of other people touched in the optometry shop.

Buy Postage

Instead of going to the post office to buy stamps, you can pay for them online. Your mail carrier will drop them off at your mailbox. You can also pay for and print shipping labels online explains the USPS. You can print labels for first-class, priority, and other shipping types. Your mail carrier will pick up the package from your mailbox or porch.

Order Shipping Supplies

Also on USPS, you can order free shipping supplies. If you’re decluttering items and selling them online, take advantage of free USPS priority mailboxes. The mail carrier will leave them at your doorstep, free of charge. If you need bubble wrap or tape, you can order and pay for them online and get them delivered the next business day.

Consult With Your Doctor

Perhaps you have an annoying cough, or you’ve been suffering from the postnasal drip and a sore throat for a few weeks. An online doctor visit could help you figure out if it’s allergies, a cold, COVID-19, or something else. Doctors use secure apps, and you’ll need a smartphone for the telehealth consultation. If your doctor feels that your issue requires an in-person visit, you’ll be instructed on where to go and what to do.

Have a Therapy Session

If you have depression, anxiety, or another mental health condition, you don’t have to leave home in order to see your therapist. Most insurance companies as well as Medicare and Medicaid are now approving telehealth visits for mental health services. Therapy sessions with at-home appointments through an app on your phone or computer are convenient.

Renew Your Car Registration

In almost every state, you can take care of many bureaus of motor vehicle errands online. In Ohio, you can renew your license plate tags and vehicle registration online. In Maine, some residents can renew their active driver’s licenses online. Doing this saves you a long, frustrating wait at the government agency.

Schedule Preventive Maintenance

If you haven’t had your air conditioner serviced, now is the time to do it. Perhaps your plumbing system needs preventive drain cleaning, or maybe your lawn could use a little help. Most home service providers allow you to schedule preventive maintenance visits and tune-ups online.

Receive Help for Your Hobby

If you quilt, but you’re stuck on how to piece a new block, you could get help through a Zoom meeting or video call with a pro. Many expert tailors, knitters, guitar instructors, and others can help you work through a problem online. Instead of having to go in person for a one-on-one help session, technology allows you to take care of it at home.

Handling these errands online saves you time. You’ll use less fuel by staying at home, so you’ll also save money. No waiting in line means you could get more done each day.

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