How to Keep Your Family Healthy During COVID-19

There is no denying that the COVID-19 health crisis is not going to simply blow over. Because this virus is here for the unforeseeable future, it is clear that you need to take as many steps as possible to protect the health of your family. Here are five ways that you can keep your family healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Teach Proper Handwashing Skills

The single best thing that you can do to keep your family healthy is to teach all of your children proper handwashing skills. You can do this by modeling good behavior and showing them how you wash your own hands. Make sure that your kids know that they need to vigorously scrub for at least 20 seconds with soap and water. You can help them to remember this by having them sing their ABCs out loud as they scrub. While old-fashioned soap and water is always the best choice, you should always have hand sanitizer on you when traveling without access to running water. Keeping antibacterial wipes in your vehicle will also come in handy.

Keep Plenty of Masks on Hand

Wearing facial masks out in public is one of the best things that you can do to cut down on the spread of the virus and to protect your family and those around you. It is not enough to just use the masks. You also need to make sure that you are using them properly so that they are doing their job. It is important to demonstrate how to put on and remove the masks to your children. Be sure to remind them to not touch the masks on their face.

Avoid Unnecessary Doctor Appointments

Now is not the best time to be going in and out of doctor’s offices and medical clinics. You can minimize your risk of contracting COVID-19 if you stay home as much as possible. If you are in need of lab work, there are a variety of services that allow you to order lab test online. Please consult your healthcare provider immediately if you have any questions about whether you should seek in-person treatment.

Educate Kids About Social Distancing

Social distancing has been proven to be an effective deterrent when looking to minimize your exposure to the COVID-19 virus. Unfortunately, children are not known for their abilities to maintain personal space. You can do your part by helping children to understand the importance of social distancing and how they can protect their health by maintaining this distance when in public places. Young children will likely need supervision because it is harder for them to envision what a safe distance looks like.

Boost Health with Vitamins and Supplements

While there is no substitute for a healthy diet, you can help to provide the nutritional insurance that your family needs by making sure that everyone takes in the right vitamins and supplements for their needs. A solid multi-vitamin will ensure that the body’s immune system is functioning at optimal levels. Recent research hypothesizes that those patients with adequate levels of vitamin D have more success fighting off the virus, making this supplement especially important. Making a commitment to spending 20 minutes outside in the sun each day will help you to absorb this crucial vitamin.

Although you cannot protect your family completely from catching the coronavirus, there are definitive steps that you can take to boost the chances that everyone stays healthy during this challenging time. Practicing these five steps will increase the odds that your loved ones make it through the pandemic with their health intact.

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