Science-Backed Reasons to Have Sex

We all know sex feels amazing, but are there any other benefits to this intimate activity? Turns out, sex improves human wellbeing literally from head to toe! Want to know just how being intimate with your partner or yourself can boost your health? Here are just some of the many health benefits of sex.

It boosts your immune system

Did you know that more sex can result in fewer colds and sick days from work? Sexually active people usually have an increased ability to fend off bacteria, viruses and other nasty intruders that cause common cold and flu. Sure, you need more than just sex in order to build an impenetrable immune system (good diet, exercise, plenty of rest and regular vaccination) but sex can be a great addition to your regular healthy lifestyle. And it definitely feels better than flu shots!

It lowers your blood pressureIt lowers your blood pressure

Millions of people around the world suffer from high blood pressure. So, in order to reduce your chances of being a part of this not-so-pleasant statistic, make sure to have plenty of sex. Intercourse specifically is beneficial for systolic blood pressure, which is great news for all people looking for a way to control their BP. While sex isn’t a complete replacement for medication and lifestyle changes, it can certainly help on your journey towards healthy blood pressure.

It reduces pain

Any kind of sexual stimulation can help reduce pain. Both sex and masturbation can not only relieve pain but also boost your pain threshold. During orgasm, the human body releases hormones that help block pain signals from reaching the brain. According to some women, masturbation can help relieve menstrual cramps, headaches and even arthritis.

It relieves stress

Adults of all ages know what stress can do to human wellbeing, especially to those living in hectic urban environments like London, NYC or Sydney. Well, the best and more pleasurable way to relieve some of that stress is definitely by having sex. Sex releases various “feel good” substances that promote relaxation and trigger our pleasure systems in the brain. So, no matter if you’re engaging in sex or masturbation, expect to instantly feel less tense. And if you require that physical closeness with someone, you can always have it, even when single, thanks to excellent escorts in Sydney who will be there to offer you a whole new world of pleasure and intimacy.

It improves sleepIt improves sleep

During orgasm, the human brain releases a lot of prolactin, hormone that aids natural sleep. This hormone helps the body relax and achieve sleepiness and more sound sleep. Plus, some sessions in the bedroom can be very exhausting. When you combine these two elements, it’s easy to see why you often feel sleepy after sex.

It makes you look younger

Do you want to have sleek hair, plump skin and overall youthful appearance? Well, regular sex can help with estrogen and testosterone production and these hormones are responsible for our vital and glowing look. According to certain studies, people who have regular intercourse (at least 4 times per week) look up to 7 years younger than their sexually inactive peers.

It keeps you fit

Sex can be a very demanding physical activity, and just like any other activity, it helps you burn calories and build muscle. Since you can expect strong elevation in your heart rate and activation of various muscle groups, you can burn as much as 5 calories per minute. Of course, you really want to be buff or wish to lose significant weight, you still need to hit the gym, but having some fun between the sheets can also help.

Regular sexual release is very important for humans and it affects everything from our mental and physical health to our aesthetic appearance. So, grab a willing partner or give some love to yourself and you’ll notice how much better you feel.

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