Parents vs. Stress: Ways for You to Win

Being a parent is probably the most rewarding role you get to play in this life. However, as much love and pure joy as it can bring you, it can also be extremely stressful. Parents are required to juggle between this particular role and all the other things they have to do in life, while being exhausted more often than not, and while having little to no time for themselves. That’s why, in order to avoid parental burnout and all the stress raising a child can put upon you, it’s essential that you find some strategies to help you cope with all of it. Here is some advice on how to do it.

Delegate awayDelegate away

Just because your kid thinks you’re a superhuman, you don’t have to prove yourself to anybody by doing everything on your own. That much responsibility is bound to take its toll on your mental and physical well-being, which is why you should pass on any work you can to other people in your household. For instance, it’s perfectly fine for your partner to vacuum your home or to drive the kids to school or to their extracurricular activities. And although you won’t really expect any help from babies or toddlers, you should definitely ask your older kids to do some of the chores around the house. If all else fails, ask your mum, dad or one of your siblings to come over and lend you a hand, or to babysit your kids from time to time. Although, if you feel stressed it’s important that you accept the fact that your partner, your kids, or anybody else willing to help you may not do things the same way as you, as fast as you, or maybe even as efficiently as you. What matters is that things get done and that the final result is satisfactory, so that you can actually relax for a change.

Take shortcuts

Yes, home-made meals are always better than takeout ones, but nowadays you have apps which can help you discover some great local restaurants where they make healthy meals.

Take shortcutsYou won’t be any less of an amazing parent if you occasionally feed your family with something you haven’t prepared yourself. Also, instead of spending hours walking around from one clothes store to another, it’s now easier than ever to find a good baby clothes sale online and order your kids cute and quality outfits which can be delivered to your front door. Honestly, your children don’t know or care where you get their clothes, as long as they look good. Plus, you can get premium clothing items at great discount prices without leaving your home, so make use of that. Your neighbors’ kids go to the same school as yours? Well, if you drive them along with your little ones this week, your neighbor can drive all of them next week, saving you some time for other things, such as having a cup of coffee or going to the toilet without any interruptions. And it’s OK if you give your kids lunch money instead of packing their lunches at home once in a while. They’ll probably like the change.

Don’t beat yourself up over mistakes

You messed up your schedule and your kid arrived at their football practice 15 minutes late. The kid may not be happy and they might even complain, but it’s up to you to explain to them that sometimes mommies and daddies make mistakes.

photo-1562886958-38745dbe4fc8It’s just a part of life and a great learning opportunity. And when you say it, you better mean it, because nobody’s perfect and there will always be some slips, oversights and misunderstandings you’ll have to deal with. Just don’t let them discourage or annoy you too much. You forgot to put your kid’s favorite shirt in the laundry, and they really wanted to wear them that day? Big deal. They’ll wear them another day and be just as happy about it. They wanted a chocolate cake and you made them an apple pie? They’ll appreciate the chocolate cake more when you make it next time. Don’t let mistakes get to you, but rather own them, look for a positive aspect in any situation and simply laugh it off. Your kids will love anything you make or do for them, as long as they know you do it with love and tenderness.

To sum it up, your children really won’t remember the dust on the bookshelves, the stain on the carpet that you didn’t have time to clean or if they had apple juice or orange juice at dinner. They’ll remember you giving them hugs before they go to school in the morning and your voice as you tell them their bedtime story before you tuck them in. So, try not to stress over unimportant things and you and your family will be just fine.

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