How can yoga make your skin glow?

From increasing your strength and flexibility to improving the quality of your sleep, yoga offers endless physical and mental health benefits. But did you know that a daily yoga practice can also rejuvenate and revitalize your skin? As it helps flush out the toxins from your body and maintain a proper blood flow, yoga is the perfect option for enhancing your skin naturally and achieving a youthful, radiant and absolutely glowing complexion. So, if you want to transform the look and texture of your skin, include some of these incredible yoga poses into your everyday beauty routine:

Forward folding poses

Photo by Savs on Unsplash

Although it might seem too good to be true, forward folding poses are extremely beneficial for your skin. Just 30 seconds of these simple poses can release the tension throughout your whole body and increase the oxygen and blood flow to your face, leading to a plump and rosy complexion. It’s important to note that if you generally tend to have redness or rosacea, it would be best to make sure your skin is under control before performing these moves. In general, forward folds tend to increase the circulation to your face instantaneously, creating a quick but powerful glow.

Twisted seated poses

Photo by Form on Unsplash

While twisted poses are known for improving digestive health, they can also aid in the detoxification process of organs such as the liver and kidneys. This helps your body eliminate the waste and toxins it has built up over time, promoting better overall health and wellness. As toxins tend to show up in the form of inflammation that is usually visible on your face, whether as redness or breakouts, doing twisted seated poses can help you cleanse your body and maintain a healthy and gleaming complexion.

Inversion poses

Inversion poses include positioning your head below your heart, increasing the blood flow, oxygen and nutrients to your face. But even though the circulation you encourage by doing these poses might feel like you’re giving yourself a mini facial, it won’t be enough to maintain glowing and radiant skin without a set beauty routine. If you want to achieve a flawless complexion, finding the best hydration skincare is incredibly important, as it will help you maintain smooth and plump skin long after you’ve finished with your yoga session.

Shoulder stand poses

Photo by Fezbot2000 on Unsplash

Known as one of the best yoga poses for a glowing complexion, shoulder stands promote blood circulation toward your face, helping improve the quality and the texture of your skin. As this pose requires your whole body to stand, it’s not very easy to perform, and is best done under the supervision and advice of an expert. However, if done correctly, shoulder stands can help you reduce dullness, wrinkles, fine lines, acne and blemishes, and help you achieve naturally clearer skin. If you practice these poses three to five times a day, you can easily be able to sport the makeup-free look with confidence and pride.

Sun salutation poses

Photo by madison lavern on Unsplash

Combining several yoga poses into one small session, sun salutations include the mountain pose, plank pose, forward bend, and upward-facing dog pose, among others. Even though these poses might seem a bit overused or too predictable, they are a crucial part of every vinyasa flow for a good reason. Sun salutations can help you wake up your whole body and mind, which delivers fresh energy to both your face and your spirit, helping you maintain a healthy, radiant glow throughout the whole day.

Restorative poses

A restorative yoga sequence is usually made up of about five or six poses, including very gentle twists, supported backbends and seated forward folds. Being the ideal way of letting both your mind and your body relax completely, restorative poses have been known to lower blood pressure and reduce the signs and symptoms of stress, which is what makes them so great at relieving some of that nasty stress-induced inflammation. Feeling the soothing effects of this quieter practice, your skin might start to calm down as well, leading to a healthy and gleaming complexion.

Anyone who has walked out of a yoga class radiating with confidence and that dazzling yoga glow knows just how beneficial this practice can be for achieving a gleaming, youthful and flawless complexion in a simple and completely natural way.

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