Tips for Organizing the Housewarming Party to Connect with People

Photo by Tina Dawson on Unsplash

Moving into a new home is always one of the most exciting experiences that you can have, so in order to connect with people around you and make memories in new home, it’s a good move to organise housewarming party. However, remember that you will be inviting two different groups here – your friends so far, and all of your new neighbors that you’ve seen in the street and you liked (getting some Desperate Housewives vibes here, aren’t we?). These are the most important things that you need to bear in mind if you want to be an amazing housewarming party host.

Giving the tours

The main attraction of your housewarming party is your house, so it’s quite logical that you will be giving the tour to each guest. As far as the tours are concerned, there are two ways in which you can do this. The first one is by organizing self-guided tours, where all of your guests walk freely around your house looking around, and making themselves completely comfortable. If you don’t like the idea of people wandering around your new house constantly, you can also give the tours yourself once every guest arrives. If you only redecorated the house, it would be a cool idea to include some ’’before’’ photos so that people could see the progress.

Inviting the guests

Inviting your guests can be quite fun and an easy task. There are several ways in which you can make this happen. For example, many opt to send messages with a beautifully designed e-invitation (also known as evites) or send the invitation via emails. However, others prefer tangible invitations that they send out to their invitees. Be that as it may, remember that you don’t have to go so big for a housewarming party, and the first option is more than enough. However, make sure that you include all the important information on the invitation (or evite) such as the time and date, and obviously, your new address.

The food and drinks

Just like any party, your housewarming party of the year should feature a bar and a buffet. Since you probably have too much on your plate already, the best possible idea would be to use the services of the best catering companies in your vicinity. The drinks don’t have to be a nuisance either as you can easily order your alcohol online and let the guests serve themselves. Of course, if you want to be extra bold, you can always make different cocktails that your guests will drink. Everything’s up to you, but remember that your friends are not there to eat and drink, but rather to support you. However, since you’re already planning the housewarming party of the year, it would be good to have a bar and a buffet.

Gift giving

Finally, let’s talk about gifts. You need to know that gift giving for a housewarming party is optional, and you cannot expect a gift from everyone (even though the majority will probably bring something). However, it would be a great thing if you registered for gifts in certain shops and told all of your invitees that IF they’re planning on bringing you a gift, they can do that in that precise shop as it’s better for them to bring you something you need rather than something you already have or you’re in no need for.

The decor

What are we talking about? There’s no need for decorations at all, simply make sure that everything is clean and that you show all of the corners of your new house or apartment proudly.

A housewarming party can be just like any other party, only if you plan it in a good way. Also, don’t forget to think about the activities that you will be doing or the music that will be playing. May you have a great one!

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