How to Work on Your Self-Care as a New Mother

Parenthood is many things: it’s wonderful, exciting, fun and full of adventure. But one thing is for sure—it’s not easy. Being a new mother comes with plenty of responsibilities, worries and tasks that will leave you feeling drained, both physically and emotionally. However, don’t you dare neglect your wellbeing! Here are a few ways how you can practice good self-care as a new parent.

pexels-photo-271897Get plenty of sleep

At times, this tip might sound totally impossible to pull off, but it’s not that hard to get a shuteye. Your body needs sleep to recharge and heal, both mentally and physically. Sleep deprivation can really ruin your health and cause various issues from depression to fatigue and moodiness. So, try to sleep whenever your baby sleeps and create a good schedule that will allow you to meet your daily slumber hours.

Talk to people

Having someone to listen to your worries and your rants is a great way to practice self-care. Find someone who’s not your partner (but make sure they are not judgmental) and speak your truth to them. This way, you’ll release all the bad feelings and make room for the good ones. However, make sure to listen as well. Speak, listen, speak, listen and you’ll both feel so much better and more refreshed.

pexels-photo-1308746Get some exercise

Moving your body is one of the best things you can do for your wellbeing. Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to hit the gym and pump iron every day. Start with something light and fun, like a brisk walk. Plus, if you choose to take a daily walk, you can even grab your kid and you both can have a fun outing. There are practical nappy bags that will fit all your baby’s necessities, so you can always have everything you need at hand. Backpack models will be perfect for this activity since you’ll have both of your hands free to hold your child and push the stroller. Start by taking a weekly walk, move your way to biweekly and soon you’ll be taking a walk every day!


You probably heard that laughter is the best medicine, but it really is true. Laughing improves your mental and physical wellbeing and will instantly boost your mood. So, every once in a while, grab a funny book, watch a comedy film or TV show or spend time with your funny friends. Once you laugh your heart out, you’ll feel like a new person ready to bring joy to her child.

Take up meditation

Another thing that might seem impossible to do when you have a small child is meditation. However, your child probably takes plenty of naps a day, so you can always find 10 minutes to Zen out. Meditation can improve your mental balance, give your brain a rest and help you battle depression and anxiety. All in all, it can improve your overall wellbeing! Plus, meditation can be done anywhere and anytime and it’s completely free.

Have sex

Many new mothers tend to dedicate all their time to their child (which is completely natural), but don’t neglect your needs and the needs of your partner. Having sex is a wonderful activity that will release stress, improve your mood and bring you closer to your loved one. Your first time after giving birth will not be super exciting, but it helps when you talk to your partner and express your worries. If it doesn’t work, there are other ways to be close to your partner and enjoy each other.

Practicing self-care will not only make you healthier and happier but it will also allow you to be a better parent to your baby and a better partner to your SO. So, love yourself and you’ll have much more love to give.

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