Habits That Make You More Self-Aware

Photo by Saltanat Zhursinbek on Unsplash

Being focused and determined is great – it allows you to complete your tasks before deadlines, it helps you tackle new tasks, and makes you go on even when you’re feeling tired. On the other hand, being so focused and determined isn’t all fun and games because we can easily find ourselves unable to calm down and relax even when we’re incredibly tired. Self-awareness is about the sharpness of mind but also about joy and calm. Becoming more self-aware will benefit you greatly in life, and we’ve put together a list of ways to do so.

Practicing mindfulness

Photo by NORTHFOLK on Unsplash

Mindfulness is an excellent skill for raising self-awareness as it allows us to focus on different things we haven’t been paying enough attention to before. Practicing mindfulness isn’t difficult, but it takes time as it’s a subtle skill. By being mindful, you can be more aware of everything – the sounds and smells around you, your breathing, your thoughts, the way a fabric or a surface feels underneath your fingertips, and you’ll be paying more attention to your body. It’s not about quieting the mind, though, and you shouldn’t try to focus on that, but rather to accept the way your mind wanders from time to time and to steer your thoughts back on the track gently.

Fresh start

It’s the little things in life that make or break our days, lift our spirits or put us in a bad mood, so why not try to focus on the little things? Every morning, take a few minutes to breathe deeply and to recite a list of reasons why you’re thankful for the day ahead of you. It’s also a good idea to repeat this in the evening before you go to bed – recite a list of reasons why you loved the day. You’ll soon start noticing things better, and you’ll commit them to memory so you can remember to be thankful for them later.

Being comfortable

Photo by Saltanat Zhursinbek on Unsplash

Sadly, we start paying more attention to our bodies when we’re in pain and/or uncomfortable. What you wear matters as it reflects your self-image: bright or dark colors, presence or absence of prints, the materials your clothes are made of… This is why we should always try to find that delicate balance between being completely comfortable in the clothes we wear and looking amazing. Sadly, these things can be mutually exclusive. Well-tailored blazers, soft, fluffy sweaters, flat sandals, and blouses made of cotton, linen, silk or other natural materials will make you comfortable and won’t look out-of-place in an office.

Writing a journal

Writing is a well-known form of therapy and a great way for introspection. Writing allows you to focus on yourself: your feelings, desires, and dreams, and by putting all of this on paper, you’ll gain a new perspective. You will be able to think about the things you love but also about the things you want to change, you can write about what you’re grateful for every day, and about all the things you want to accomplish. By writing about yourself, you will get to know yourself better, and you’ll become more aware of your subconscious feelings. You will bring awareness to your feelings and find a way to communicate them better.

It’s always a good time to start with good habits and make positive changes in your life. If you try to implement some of the things we mentioned here, not only will you become more self-aware, but you’ll soon discover that you’re a much calmer and happier individual. Peace within you will help you find peace everywhere around you too, and it’s a skill that will change your life for the better.

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