What Is YOUR Perfect Body and How to Get It

We all know that there is no such thing as one ideal body. We are all different and we all have our own visions of the perfect body. On top of that, a lot of people struggle to obtain that ideal, whatever it might be for them, when in truth what we should be striving for is not a way we look, but a way we feel. Our bodies aren’t made of stone, and you can’t sculpt the perfect one. It changes every single day and the best goal we can strive for is to feel good. Here’s how:

How well do you really know your body?

yoga-3053487__340The biggest misconception that we have is that we think we actually know what our bodies look like and what they can do. But when is the last time you’ve looked at your body without attacking it at first glance for the perceived flaws you saw? Try spending some time with your body, alone, seeing what it looks like, how it actually feels under your fingertips and how amazing it is. Seeing your body for what it is and accepting that you’re with it for the rest of your life is the first step to figuring out what you want to do next. Perhaps you’ll find that there are some areas you’d like to improve. Hopefully you’ll find something new you love about yourself, but most importantly, you will get to know it better.

Celebrate what your body can do

People have for far too long been using exercise as a way to punish themselves for something they are or as a way to achieve a body they want. But when you accept that everything is a process and that the “ideal body” is a feeling, not a shape, you can start viewing exercise in a completely different light. Get some new gym equipment for your home and help your body wake up and get ready for the day by getting it active from first light. Enroll in a sport you used to love as a kid and enjoy sweating your last drops of energy not because of the calorie count, but because it makes you feel great while you’re doing it. Try different forms of exercise: dance, team sports, building muscle, anything that will let you realize how amazingly strong your body is. If your ideal figure means losing some weight, it might happen through dancing it out a couple nights per week, or if you want to build up more muscle, lifting weights and being fulfilled with the feeling of achievement when you lift that weight will be much more rewarding.

crossfit-534615__340Listen to your body

We’ve gone through far too many years of evolution to still think that we are smarter than our own bodies. Unless you have a condition that is preventing your body from properly speaking to you, you need to start listening. Is it telling you it’s hungry? Eat something. Eat good, high-quality nutritious food – not because junk food is bad, but because your body needs the good stuff way more. You are one with your body, and if it tells you that it needs something, that it’s had enough of something or that something hurts: listen. You will get a lot farther in feeling like you are actually in sync with your body, and you will achieve any results you might have a lot easier.

Remember that the bodies you see in the media often aren’t real, and that your ideal body should be defined exclusively by what you feel is best for you. The perfect body is the body that lets you live to your fullest potential, feel great and stay happy.

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