5 Signs Telling You That It’s Time to Lose Weight

These days, life is only getting busier. With so many things on your mind and in your schedule, taking care of your body with a balanced diet and regular exercise can become quite challenging; so much so that you completely neglect it until you find yourself on a scale wondering just when the number on it grew that much. Of course, you should never fixate on your weight or let that number on the scale define you, but sometimes it’s necessary to take a step back and look at yourself with a critical eye. After all, it may be time to lose some of the weight for your own health and happiness.

You feel sluggish and fatigued

If you’re constantly tired even when you get enough sleep or feel fatigued and sore even after just a little bit of physical activity, you have yourself a clear sign that something has to be changed in your daily life. Moreover, tiredness and fatigue shouldn’t be ignored as this can affect the quality of your lifestyle poorly. Usually, eating better and engaging in regular physical activity can make these issues go away, especially when the weight starts to drop.

belly-2354_960_720Your numbers have skyrocketed

The number you see on the scale is not the only one that should worry you. Together with weight gain, your BMI (body mass index) elevates, which can also lead to higher blood pressure and cholesterol. These are all serious issues that can be triggers for some more problematic and concerning health conditions. In case you’re really in the danger zone once you get your checkup results, it’s definitely time to put some effort into your body and make a change for the better.

Your clothes don’t fit

We all change with time and having some clothing items not fitting you anymore doesn’t have to be the end of the world. But, if almost every single piece that’s not stretchy enough has suddenly become too small for you, the sign that you should lose some weight is undoubtedly there. This may feel discouraging but getting back on track with healthy eating and exercising is not that difficult.

exercise-3403191_960_720You can even work out at your own place, thanks to home exercise bikes, comfortable and effective sportswear that’s readily available nowadays and a bunch of online advice and YouTube videos that are there to help you along the way. Once your old clothes start to fit again, the feeling of achievement will get addictive.

Your joints and back hurt

Weight gain that comes with complete disregard for physical activity has its price. It’s definitely not all about the looks. Your body will start to protest and you will usually feel that as an annoying backache and painful joints. Your knees and ankles are especially prone to damage when they have to support more weight than they used to in your adult life. And if you notice that your footwear sometimes feels tight due to the fact that your feet got swollen after a relatively short walk, it’s time to take some weight-shredding action!

You live in the excuse land

We all have excuses for something sometimes. But when it comes to your weight, and more precisely to the way you feel due to that weight, making excuses constantly can turn into a dangerous habit that can cost you your health. Think about it – do you have a reason for eating junk food and not exercising all the time? Do you always have a way to defend your unhealthy choices in front of yourself? It can be hard to pull away from this and accept that you’re just making excuses over and over again, but someone who does this constantly knows what they’re doing deep down. It’s time to be honest with yourself and move out from the excuse land for yourself.

There’s no reason to beat yourself over weight gain or feel worthless because your body looks a bit different. Such negative feelings can only deter you from taking your life into your own hands again. It’s not the end of the world and it can happen to everyone. But it’s up to you to recognize the signs and make a conscious effort to get yourself back to your regular weight.

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