Yoga Classes

Class Offerings:

I teach both private, semi-private classes, and coaching, at your home or on-line using Skype.

1- Assessment 1 hour includes developing a personalized program = $100

2- Private 1 hour Class = $60 per session

3- Semi-Private 1 hour class (up to 4 people) = $40 per person

4- Online Coaching 30 min = $30 per session

5- Online Coaching 60 min = $50

6- Coaching Package of 4 appointments ($180) includes:

  • 1 hour Assessment
  • 1 hour instruction of personalized program
  • 2 x 30 min followup sessions

Classes include the following styles of yoga 

Beginner Hatha Yoga

This is a gentle to moderate class in pace with detailed instructions for basic yoga poses in a welcoming and supportive environment. This is a wonderful place to explore and begin your yoga practice. Increase flexibility and build strength while relaxing the mind and body.

Yin Yoga

Focusing on the Yin tissues in the body; connective, organ, joint, gland, this practice decompresses and realigns the physical body while training the mind to focus. This class presents an opportunity for the body to recover from the stresses of physical activity and/or sitting in a desk all day. The sequences of postures taught in this style are designed to release tension in the areas of hips, spine shoulder and neck. The postures themselves are held for 3-5 minutes to ensure the yin tissues are affected appropriately.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Learning to flow with your breath is a very intelligent way to move the body and the main focus in this dynamic practice. Stick to the basics when feeling like a mellow practice or play with the more challenging variations when feeling up to it.

Yoga Sculpt

Yoga Sculpt is a practice that combines yoga poses with upper body weight training for a full body workout. It lets you reap the benefits of both yoga and weight training. While practicing some of your favorite standing and single leg balancing yoga poses, you will incorporate light to moderate dumbbells to work your arms, shoulders, chest, back and core. The result is a full body shaping, toning and sculpting routine.

Yoga Sculpt is an intense and challenging workout. In each Yoga pose, your legs are active, your core is engaged and each weight training movement is controlled by the breath and performed with continuous tension through a full range of motion. Yoga Sculpt is designed to help you achieve your health, fitness and weight management goals.


Combining  yoga and weights all in one workout has some key benefits:

– Improves lean muscle mass
– Increases flexibility and range of motion
– Sharpens mental focus and concentration
– Assists proper breathing techniques
– Fires up your metabolism
– Assists with weight management goals
– Enhances functional strength and muscular endurance
– Creates greater balance and symmetry
– Calms the body, while reducing stress and tension
– Overall improves your health, fitness and wellbeing

Me Yoga Photo


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