All About The Power Of Hitachi Air Tools

Hitachi Koki Co. Ltd was established in 1948. Its position as an expert power tool company in a large industrial group brings significant benefits to customers who immediately access the latest advances in metallurgy motors.

All products are made with constant innovation with high-quality design, materials, and technology standards to create jobs safer, easier, and less tedious. Hitachi Power Tools provides consistently high quality, durability, usability, and performance for all users.

About the Company

Hitachi is a Japanese manufacturing corporation. Hitachi, Ltd., a highly diversified Japanese manufacturing corporation, consists of more than 1,000 subsidiaries, including 335 foreign corporations. Hitachi Air tools using the compressed air supplied by the air compressor.

Hitachi Air Toolis widely used in modern machinery manufacturing, shipbuilding, automobile assembly/repair, construction and decoration, metal/stone/wood processing, and many other industries. It does not pollute the environment and has a long working life. Hitachi Air toolsare widely used in the manufacturing process of cutting, grinding, polishing, spraying, assembly, and assembling vehicles. Apart from that, these air tools come with long-term warranty and you do not need to spend a huge maintenance cost on them.

Quality Of Tools:

Under a strict quality control program, Hitachi Air Toolsundergoes rigorous inspection and testing at every processing stage. Each part is carefully checked for defects by expert inspectors. They have R&D cell, and their tools are tested and certified.


The double-insulation air tool, indicated by a double square sign, can be operated without external grounding. A particular concern for general accident prevention is designed to direct saws, metal chips, and other debris away from the operator. Read and follow the handling instructions provided with these tools to stay safe.

Power Inputs Of Air Tools:

Hitachi employs a series of Air Tool’sseries motors whose modern design is based on Hitachi’s many years of experience. Unless otherwise indicated in the catalog, the power input (watts) is based on 240V. Guarantee of Hitachi Air tool: Hitachi Koki’s primary concern is customer safety, convenience, and satisfaction. To this end, each Hitachi Air Tool is guaranteed against technical and material defects.

According to their warranty terms, the company is not responsible for overloading, objectionable behavior, unauthorized alterations or careless handling, technical and material defects will be repaired without charge by an authorized Hitachi dealer during the warranty period. This applies to all equipment purchased from authorized Hitachi dealers and agents. To know more, you must read their terms and conditions.

Hitachi Koki, the parent company of Hitachi Power Tools, recently announced that it’s changing it’s name to Koki Holdings. Metabo HPT will be one of the brands Koki Holdings owns joining Metabo, Hikoki, and other companies like Tanaka.

IF Design Award:

The “IF Design Award” was founded in 1953 in Germany, which is one of the most prestigious design awards. This award is given based on some basic factors such as creativity, appearance, user-friendliness, and Quality related factors such as performance, Quality, price, and environmental impact. Hitachi air tools are the consistent performer in this field and awarded several times for its unique designs.

Eco-friendly Air Tools:

Based on an environmentally conscious design concept, the Hitachi Group has introduced an environmental assessment system for their products. An eco-product is a product that meets eight assessment criteria, including weight loss, resource recycling, energy efficiency, and environmental protection, according to the design of an environmental assessment system.


Hitachi offers a variety of compressors. Even with a traditional product like an air compressor, technology continues to evolve, with digital technology enabling further innovation in product and service and the whole experience.

Hitachi and Sullivan can now provide their customers with optimized compact air solutions and digital solutions for initial purchases. In the end, customers get a better overall experience with Hitachi and Sullair air compressors.

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